Wednesday January 10, 2007

Campus Report Jan 10, 2007

People in action around campus

People in action:


Janet Greenlee, Amanda Malusky

Janet Greenlee served on two panels recently. She moderated a panel program, "Building for Philanthropy's Future: Honoring the Past, Responding to the Present, Anticipating the Future," held in honor of the Foundation Center's 50th anniversary Oct. 18 in Dayton. Presenters included Greenlee, Michael Parks (the Dayton Foundation), Kristopher Parlett (the Iams Co.), and Judith M. Thompson (the Kettering Fund). Representatives from approximately 40 Miami Valley nonprofit organizations attended. Supported by more than 600 foundations, the Foundation Center is the nation's leading authority on philanthropy, connecting nonprofits and the grantmakers supporting them.

Greenlee also attended the annual meeting of the Association for Research in Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action held Nov. 15-18, in Chicago, Ill. There she moderated a panel on "Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations." She also was a lead author on a paper presented, "An Investigation of Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations: Occurrence and Deterrents," written with Mary Fischer (University of Texas at Tyler), Teresa Gordon (University of Idaho) and Elizabeth Keating (Harvard University). UD MBA alumna Amanda Malusky of PwC Forensics Group in Chicago presented "Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations."

Center for Catholic Education

Brother Ed Brink, S.M.

Brother Ed Brink, S.M., director of the Lalanne Program and director of the Center for Catholic Education at UD, has been appointed to the Provincial Council of the Marianist Province of the United States as the assistant for education. He will serve a three-year term beginning July 1 and, in his new position, will also serve on the UD board of trustees.


Larry Schweikart

Larry Schweikart appeared on two "A& E" television programs Dec. 26: "Biography: The Rockefellers" and "Total Excess."

NEST Laboratory

Rachel Smith, Scott Streiker

Rachel Smith and Scott Streiker published "The Nest Laboratory: The Art of a Multi-User Facility" in the Nov. 2006 issue of Microscopy Today, the Journal of Microscopy Society of America.

School of Law

Susan Brenner

Susan Brenner was quoted in a TechNewsWorld article, "Should the Government have Access to Personal E-mails?" in which she spoke about the Stored Communications Act.

UD Libraries

Heidi Gauder, Joan Giglierano, Chris Schramm, Fred W. Jenkins

Heidi Gauder and Joan Giglierano presented "Nurturing the Whole Student: A Successful Recreational Reading Program" at the Academic Library Association of Ohio conference held Nov. 3 in Akron. The presentation focused on UD's Porch Reads program launched by Gauder and Chris Schramm (residence education) in 2005. Gauder, Giglierano and Schramm have also written "Porch Reads: Encouraging Recreational Reading among College Students," an article accepted for publication by College & Undergraduate Libraries, volume 14, number 2, June 2007. Gauder and Giglierano are preparing a poster presentation about Porch Reads for the upcoming Association of College and Research Libraries conference to be held in Baltimore, Md., in March.

Fred W. Jenkins contributed the sections "Ancient History" and "Classical Languages and Literature" to Resources for College Libraries, a seven-volume series edited by Marcus Elmore. The resource is also available as an online database.

UD Research Institute

Frank Szmulowicz

Frank Szmulowicz, a distinguished research physicist in UDRI’s metals and ceramics division, has been named a Fellow in the American Physical Society for his contributions to the design and understanding of semiconductor materials for infrared detector applications. Election to Fellowship in the APS is limited to no more than one-half of 1 percent of total membership, and indicates recognition by the Fellow's peers of outstanding contributions to physics.