Thursday February 15, 2007

Campus Report Feb 15, 2007

People in action around campus

People in action:

Counseling Center

Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook is one of the experts quoted in February's Self magazine cover story "Think Your Body Beautiful":

"Mothers' messages are a significant predictor of appearance-and diet-related issues," confirms Rebecca Cook, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Dayton Counseling Center in Ohio. Cook suggests pinpointing where your body beliefs come from, then examining their validity. Once you've determined that those emotions or behaviors no longer make sense, continue to challenge them whenever you can. You may be uncomfortable at first, but Cook assures that the unease will fade and you'll gradually replace your unhealthy beliefs with more self-accepting ones. Recall your talents when self-critical thoughts invade, Cook says. Are you a good writer? Ultra-organized? To alter your thinking, "out-argue the negative voice with a positive one."

Enrollment Management

Molly Wilson, Jennifer Koesters, Kathy Kargl, Kim Lally, Jeaneen Parsons, Frank Pauer, UD Printing and Design

The University of Dayton has won four national marketing awards for its student recruitment ads, poster and newsletter in the 22nd Annual Admissions Advertising Awards competition sponsored by Admissions Marketing Report. More than 2,100 entries were received from more than 1,200 colleges, universities and secondary schools from every state in the nation and several other countries.

UD received silver medals for a magazine ad, ''Challenging Minds,'' and a direct-mail postcard series. It garnered awards of merit for its student recruitment newsletter, ''Update,'' and a poster advertising an open house for prospective students and their families.

The pieces were produced by Molly Wilson, assistant director of marketing for enrollment management; Jennifer Koesters, assistant director of marketing for enrollment management; Kathy Kargl, graphic designer; Kim Lally, communication specialist; Jeaneen Parsons, production manager; and Frank Pauer, art director. UD Printing and Design on campus produced the poster and newsletter.


Tim O’Brien, Emily Hathaway

At the Geological Society of America’s southeastern section meeting, to be held March 29-30 in Savannah, Ga., Tim O’Brien will present “Discovery of High Pressure and Temperature Granulites in Goshen Dome, Western Massachusetts."

Emily Hathaway will present “The Effectiveness of Retention Ponds for Water Quality Improvement in Suburban Developments, James City County, Virginia."


Larry Schweikart

Larry Schweikart participated in a Liberty Fund conference in Cleveland Jan. 9-11 on "Liberty and Responsibility in 19th Century America." He was a featured speaker at the Educational Policy Conference in St. Louis on Jan. 26, and spoke to the Miami University College Republicans on Jan. 28.

Religious Studies

William Portier

William Portier presented “Rising to the Evangelical Moment" as a keynote panelist at the annual meeting of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities Feb. 3-5 in Washington, D.C. His comments, part of a panel discussion on Catholic higher education in an American context, were included in an article in Inside Higher