Wednesday February 7, 2007

Campus Report Feb 7, 2007

University of Dayton playwright and professor will re-stage "Harlem Exchange."

Initially staged 15 years ago, the production is based on an exchange of letters between two friends whose correspondence spans the turbulent years from Vietnam through the early 1990s. The play also stars Hector Lino.

"In 1967, two guys meet in a prep school summer program,” Greene said. "One goes to prep school. The other goes back to his urban high school. One gets the brass ring and the other doesn't. Here's the catch: as it turns out, the high school guy didn't want it. Both guys are alive and healthy at the end and surviving after their heavy life experiences."

Greene has been a professor at the law school for three years, although he continues to write plays and write and direct films. As far as a connection between the play and the subjects he teaches, Greene said, "The [play's] message about friendship, classism and racial polarization are all issues which play a role in the social justice area of the legal profession."

Harlem Exchange was last performed at UD five years ago. Admission is free, but seating is limited. Call 937-229-4796 for more details.