Wednesday April 25, 2007

Campus Report Apr 25, 2007

Marianist Educational Associates made public commitments at a prayer service held April 24 in Immaculate Conception Chapel.

“To be a Marianist Educational Associate is not a privilege or an honor designation, but a contemporary calling and a responsibility.”

UD faculty and staff members who have taken seriously that calling and responsibility made public commitments as Marianist Educational Associates at a prayer service held April 24 in Immaculate Conception Chapel.

One by one, individuals stood at lectern and vowed, “After thoughtful consideration and exploration of the Marianist charism over the past year, I commit myself to being a Marianist Educational Associate. I pledge to sustain and enrich the Catholic and Marianist character of the University of Dayton. I will continue to read, reflect and share with others to ensure the continuation of the programs, processes and behaviors that make us a Catholic Marianist university. Furthermore, I promise to give myself to the larger community and its members as fully as possible by remaining spiritually present, alive and open to the call of the Marianist charism and mission as I am personally able.”

Marianist Educational Associates partnerships exist in all three Marianist universities. The associates work together to incorporate Catholic and Marianist educational traditions into the culture of the universities and to adapt and transform those traditions so that they are responsive to the challenges facing Marianist universities today.

The UD 2005 class of Marianist Educational Associates includes Paul Benson, Tom Burkhardt II, Daniel Curran, Dick Ferguson, Jessica Gonzalez, Amy Lopez, Mary Morton, Fred Pestello, Joan McGuinness Wagner and Shirley Wright. Members of the 2006 cohort are Christopher Duncan, Kathy Harmon, Beverly Jenkins, Patricia Meyers, Steve Mueller, Joseph Saliba, Ken Soucy and Sandra Yocum Mize.

During 2007, another nine UD colleagues will begin formation: Deb Bickford, Una Cadegan, Nick Cardilino, Corinne Daprano, Maura Donahue, Tom Eggemeier, Susan Ferguson, Regis Lekan and Beth Schwartz.