Wednesday April 11, 2007

Campus Report Apr 11, 2007

University colleagues who received promotions from Sept. 1, 2006 through Feb. 28, 2007 will be honored Monday, April 16.

University colleagues who received promotions from Sept. 1, 2006 through Feb. 28, 2007 will be honored Monday, April 16, at a luncheon in Kennedy Union ballroom. The honorees, their position titles and departments are:


Yolanda Copeland, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost

Margaret DeVito, Cashier Clerk, Dining Services-Kennedy Union

Theresa Knox, Supervisor, Dining Services-Marycrest Hall

Trinh Ma, Catering Production Supervisor, Dining Services-KU Catering Services

Valerie Mershimer-Mohr, Director of Donor Relations, Advancement Services-Stewardship

Georgea Scoumis, Administrative Secretary, Residence Education

Robert Sutcliffe, Senior Systems Engineer, UDit-Central NW Storage&Servers

Eric Suttman, Audio Visual Supervisor, Music

Jeanne Zeek, Administrative Assistant, Business-Office of the Dean

Research Institute

Karen Barnes A3 Budget Administrator, RI-Director's Office

Anthony Bergman, P2 Research Engineer, RI-Aerospace Mechanics

Lynn Bowman, P2 PT Associate Human Factors Research Analyst, RI-Aerospace Mechanics

James Coleman, P2 Research Engineer, RI-Materials Engineering

Allan Crasto, A5 Associate Director Research Institute, RI-Director's Office

Dave Gasper, T3 Sr Mechanical Technician, RI-Structural Integrity

Bryan Harris, P2 Research Engineer, RI-Materials Engineering

Todd Jones, P2 Research Engineer, RI-Structural Integrity

K a Moshan S P Kahandawala, P2 Research Engineer, RI-Energy & Environmental Engineering

Adam Long, T3 Sr Failure Analysis Technician, RI-Materials Engineering

Leah Lucente, T3 Sr Electro-Mechanical Technician, RI-Metals & Ceramics

Sandy Miller, A2 Asst. Research Administrator, RI-Nonmetallic Materials

Brad Pinnell, P3 Sr. Failure Analysis Engineer, RI-Materials Engineering

Laurie Quill, P4 GL Distinguished Research Human Factors Analyst, RI-Aerospace Mechanics

Sukh Sidhu, P4 Distinguished Research Engineer, RI-Energy & Envionmental Engineering

Narayanan Venkat, P3 Sr. Research Polymer Scientist, RI-Nonmetallic Materials

Zachary West, P2 Research Engineer, RI-Energy & Environmental Engineering

Patricia Thompson Youngerman, T3 Research Technician, RI-Aerospace Mechanics

Eric Zhou, P2 Research Engineer, RI-Nonmetallic Materials


Mohamed Ahoujja, Associate Professor, Physics

Vladimir Benin, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Roger Crum, Professor, Visual Arts

Corinne Daprano, Associate Professor, Health & Sport Science

Charlie Edmonson, Professor, Engineering Technology

Stephanie Edwards, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Daniel Goldman, Associate Professor, Geology

Peter Hovey, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Jay Janney, Associate Professor, Management & Marketing

Kathryn Kinnucan-Welsch, Professor, Teacher Education

John Kelly Kissock, Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Becky Krakowski, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Carissa Krane, Associate Professor, Biology

Peter Lung, Associate Professor, Economics & Finance

John McCombe, Associate Professor, English

Mark Nielsen, Associate Professor, Biology

Molly Schaller, Associate Professor, Counselor Education & Human Services

Todd Smith, Associate Professor, Physics