Monday April 30, 2007

UD Closes NASDAQ Stock Market

University of Dayton president Daniel J. Curran and executive director George Kell of the United Nations Global Compact will preside over the May 1 stock market closing bell to celebrate UD's Redefining Investment Strategy Education (RISE) VII Global Student Investment Forum.

The closing bell ceremony will take place at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1. Photos, video and audio will be available to reporters and editors, as follows:

* Video feed - The closing bell is available from 3:50 to 4:05 p.m. on uplink IA-6 C-band/transponder 17. The downlink frequency is 4040 vertical and audio 6.2-6.8. The feed also can be found on Waterfront fiber 1623.

* Audio Feed - An audio transmission of the closing bell is also available from 3:50 to 4:05 p.m. on uplink IA6 C band/transponder 24, downlink frequency 4180 horizontal. The feed can be found on Waterfront fiber 1623 as well.

* Photos - To obtain a high-resolution photograph, please go to and click on RISE market close.

* Webcast - A live Webcast of the NASDAQ closing bell will be available at

Other participants in the ceremony include:

- Patricia Meyers, dean of UD's School of Business Administration;

- David Sauer, executive director and program co-chair of RISE;

- Bob Froehlich, program co-chair of RISE and chair of Deutsche Asset Management;

- Dick Davis, member UD board of trustees;

- Robert Greifeld, president of NASDAQ;

- Saqr Ghobash, United Arab Emirates ambassador to the U.S. (Dubai stock market);

- Mark Campbell, director of college marketing and sales, The Wall Street Journal;

- Jeffrey J. Diermeier, president and CEO of CFA Institute;

- H.E. Chan Heng Chee, Republic of Singapore ambassador to U.S.;

- Christopher Burnham, vice chairman of Deutsche Asset Management.

RISE, the world's largest student investment forum, brings together internationally renowned industry leaders to share their wisdom and outlook on the markets, economy, corporate governance, public policy and Federal Reserve perspective. This year, RISE VII drew more than 1,700 participants representing 218 colleges and universities from 58 countries.

For more information, contact Linda Robertson at 937-229-3257.