Thursday July 5, 2007

Campus Report July 5, 2007

People in action around campus.

People in action:


Sudhindra Gadagkar, Bhakti Dwivedi, Jeffrey Calhoun, Kevin Riehle, Philip Pfeiffer

Four projects from Sudhindra Gadagkar's lab were selected for presentation at the prestigious international Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution conference held in Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, from June 24 to 29, and then at the Ohio Collaborative Conference in Bioinformatics, a state-level conference to be held at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, July 9-11.

Students presenting their projects and the titles of their posters are:

Bhakti Dwivedi (Ph.D. student): Sequence parameters and phylogenetic accuracy - a simulation study; Jeffrey Calhoun (an honors student who earned his bachelor's degree in 2007): Computational discovery and analysis of motif frequency and distribution: implications for cis regulation and the clustering of noncoding motifs;

Kevin Riehle (M.S. student): SCUBA: a computational tool to study the evolution of gene structure in the genome; and

Philip Pfeiffer (M.S. student): The effects of compositional heterogeneity, stationarity and other parameters on phylogenetic accuracy.

Gadagkar's lab members hope to publish all this work in the coming months.

Chemical Engineering

Sarwan S. Sandhu

Sarwan S. Sandhu, professor of chemical engineering recently published and presented:

Sandhu, S.S., G.W. Brutchen, J.P. Fellner, "Lithium/Air Cell: Preliminary Mathematical Formulation and Analysis," published in the international Jounal of Power Sources, Vol. 170, pp. 196-209 (2007).

Sandhu, S.S., J.P. Fellner, G.W. Brutchen, "Lithium/Air Battery model," presented at the AIChE Spring National Meeting, Session# 12-Recent Advances in Fuel Cell and Battery Technology, Hilton, Houston, Texas, April 22-27 (2007).

The presentation also was included in the 2007 Spring National Meeting Conference Proceedings CD-ROM.


Joseph Haus, Qiwen Zhan, Weibin Chen

On June 11, Joseph Haus, director of electro-optics program, and Qiwen Zhan, assistant professor of electro-optics, visited Nanjing University in China and met with representatives from the departments of electronic sciences and engineering, and physics, the National Lab of Solid State Microstructures and the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges and discussed a joint doctoral program and student/faculty exchanges between the Electro-Optics Program and Nanjing University. Currently the EO program hosts two students from the Nanjing University. Haus and Zhan also toured several research laboratories.

Haus and Zhan also visited the Southeast University in Nanjing. Professor Pu Yue-Pu, vice president of Southeast University, held a ceremony to confer the Guest Professorship, the highest honorary position of the university, to Haus in recognition of his contributions to the field of photonics and electro-optics as well as his efforts to promote international collaboration. After the ceremony, Haus gave a seminar on "Multilayer metallodielectrics for tunable super-resolution" and Zhan gave a seminar on "Nanometrology using spatially inhomogeneous polarization."Haus and Dr. Zhan also toured several research laboratories of Professor Yiping Cui, Changjiang Chair Professor of Southeast University, and discussed future research collaborations.

At the 6th Asia-Pacific Near-field Optics conference held in Yellow Mountain, China June 13-17, Zhan delivered an invited talk on "Optimal Plasmonic Focusing and Field Enhancement for Semiconductor Metrology Application." Zhan also was invited to serve on the organizing committee for the next conference, which will be held in Seoul, Korea, in 2009.

Haus and Zhan, a together with Sailing He and Xu Liu of Zhejiang University organized the Optical Society of America  opical Conference on Nanophotonics held on the Zhejiang University campus in Hangzhou, China, June 18-21 -- the first OSA topical conference ever held in China. Haus served as the founding conference co-chair with Sailing He, and Zhan served as a founding member of the organizing and technical committee. Haus and Zhan offered a short course on Nanophotonics and presented four papers at the conference, which attracted more than 200 attendees from 16 countries. The committee decided to hold the next conference at Southeast University in Nanjing in May 2008.

Weibin Chen, a Ph.D. candidate in electro-optics, received one of the three Best Student Paper Awards at the OSA Nanophotonics Topical Conference for his talk on "Field Enhancement due to Optimal Plasmonic Focusing in a Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope Probe." Weibin works in Zhan's research group.

Haus was invited to serve as an associate editor for Chinese Optics Letters, an international journal sponsored by the Chinese Optical Society. It aims at the rapid dissemination of new, important results in all branches of optical sciences and technology.

On June 22, Haus and Zhan visited Fudan University in Shanghai, China, met with researchers and toured research facilities of the State Key Lab of Advanced Materials, the department of optoelectronics and the department of physics.

Engineering Technology

Bob Mott, Charlie Edmonson, Rebecca Blust, Margaret Pinnell, Sean Falkowski, Scott Segalewitz, Mark Patterson, David Myszka, Scott Schneider, Donna Summers

For the American Society for Engineering Education annual conference held June 24-27 in Honolulu, seven UD engineering technology faculty wrote papers, and five traveled to the conference to present their papers. Bob Mott was honored as a Fellow of ASEE at the awards banquet.

Faculty serving leadership positions at the ASEE Annual Conference include Charlie Edmonson, who was appointed to the board (subscription editor) of the Journal of Engineering Technology, and Scott Segalewitz, who was elected a director of the Engineering Technology Council.

Presenters included:

Rebecca Blust and Margaret Pinnell, "Using Service Learning to develop a K-12 STEM service and experiential learning site."

Sean Falkowski, "Use of an Automotive Technology Course in Engineering Technology" and "Use of the Machinery's Handbook in a Manufacturing Design Course."

Scott Segalewitz, "Implementing a 3 + 1 Articulation Agreement in Engineering Technology between Universities in China and the United States.”

Rebecca Blust and Mark Patterson, “Integrating Chinese Students into Undergraduate Engineering Technology Education.”

David Myszka, Scott Schneider and Scott Segalewitz, “Integrating Chinese Students into an American Classroom: Lessons Learned.”

Charlie Edmonson and Donna Summers, “Integrating Teamwork Across the Curriculum.”

Physical Therapy

Philip Anloague

Therapy Times, an online website for therapists of all kinds, interviewed Philip Anloague, director of UD's doctor of physical therapy program. Anloague was attending a national conference in Denver and gave Therapy Times his perspective on new trends and issues emerging in the field.

Anloague will also be contributing a bylined column on flexibility to My Family Doctor, a national magazine written by health-care  professionals for the general public.

Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering

Kevin Korte

The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering board of directors invited the University of Dayton's SAMPE student chapter to brief it on the success of UD's SAMPE Day 2007 during the SAMPE convention June 4 in Baltimore, Md.

UD engineering students held their first SAMPE Day April 21 to provide new educational and networking opportunities for UD students and heighten visibility of material and process engineering on campus. Former SAMPE president Tia Benson Tolle delivered the keynote address. Participants discussed developments in nanotechnology, commercialization of new materials and polymer advancements.

"UD SAMPE Day 2007 required more than a year of student planning and was clearly a success," said Kevin Korte, public relations chairperson for UD's SAMPE student chapter. "The chapter was able to secure more than $6,000 in funding from major companies and attract professionals from throughout the country for the event."

UD SAMPE Day 2008 is scheduled for March 15. Organizers said they hope to double the size of next year's event and currently are searching for research and product presenters.