Wednesday July 18, 2007

Campus Report July 18, 2007

People in action around campus

People in action:

Facilities Management

Roger Banks, Charles Shelley, Ki Myong Nam, Everett Blake, Brenda Robles, Ruby Payton, Dennis Esterline, Teresa Terrell, Mark Wilson, Dan Stegman, Beau Holly, Lance Malusky, Bill Radjewski, Scott Childs

For the second year, a volunteer crew from UD helped beautify the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park for Memorial Day ceremonies. In a letter to President Dan Curran, Mark Kucharski, park board president, said, "we certainly realize how fortunate we are to have UD as a neighbor and partner in preserving the history of Dayton. … We hope more organizations and individuals discover the value of community service and the good example set forth by your staff."

The UD volunteer crew included Roger Banks, Charles Shelley, Ki Myong Nam, Everett Blake, Brenda Robles, Ruby Payton, Dennis Esterline, Teresa Terrell, Mark Wilson and Dan Stegman. Four UD students, Beau Holly, Lance Malusky, Bill Radjewski and Scott Childs, also volunteered their services.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dilip R. Ballal

Dilip R. Ballal, Hans von Ohain Distinguished Professor, was honored July 11 with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics International Air Breathing Propulsion Award for 2007. His award citation noted his "sustained outstanding contributions that have greatly advanced the science and art of combustors and jet fuel for air breathing propulsion."


Patricia Johnson

Patricia Johnson served as a member of the People to People delegation.  Spending two weeks in China, she met with philosophy faculty at six Chinese universities.  Discussions covered topics including comparative philosophy and the current state of philosophy in both the U.S. and China.

Religious Studies

Damian Costello, Andrew Black, Derek Hatch, William Portier, Timothy Gabrielli, Dennis M. Doyle, Susan K. Sack, Michael H. Barnes, Cyril Orji, Joseph Weber, Wes Arblaster, Brad Kallenberg, Aaron James, Damon Martin, D. Michael Cox

The University of Dayton hosted the College Theology Society's 53rd annual convention on campus May 31-June 3. "Faith in Public Life" was the theme of the conference, held concurrently with the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion.

University of Dayton faculty and students presenting papers or serving as panelists included:

Damian Costello - "A Disciplined Public Faith: Bartolome' de las Casas, Colonialism, and Public Theology ordered to Social Justice"

Andrew Black - "We Have Never Been Anabaptist': Baptist Roots and Public Life"

Derek Hatch - "Baptists and Catholics and the Influence of Americanism"

William Portier, panelist in a book discussion of Lieven Boeve's God Interrupts History: Theology in Times of Upheaval (Continuum, 2007). He also served as the local coordinator for the convention.

Timothy Gabrielli - "Rights and Rights: How the American Political Tradition Shapes the U.S. Catholic Reception of Canon Law"

Dennis M. Doyle and Susan K. Sack - "Spiritual Friendship: Crossing Over the Public/Private Distinction in Theology"

Michael H. Barnes, panelist in a discussion of "Religious Opponents of Scientific Naturalism

Cyril Orji - "'Religionless Christianity'? Common Ground in Lamin Sanneh and Bernard Lonergan's Praxis for Faith in Public Life"

Joseph Weber - U.S. Christian Missions in Latin America: Sorting Out the Public Challenges Facing this Religious Pedagogy"

Wes Arblaster - "Democracy, Bureaucracy, and the Politics of Space or Why the Church Cannot Call America 'Home.'"

Brad Kallenberg - "Technology and the Baptist Vision: Why Engineering Design Needs Baptist Theology"

Aaron James - "Baptists Reading Scripture: McClendon, the Baptist Vision, and Analogous Use"

Damon Martin - "Hans Frei and Public Narratives: Rendering a World of Hope"

D. Michael Cox - "Jazz Improvisation and Christian Evangelization."

Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Laura Leming

Sister Laura Leming, FMI, is helping to represent the Marianist Sisters of the United States at the General Chapters of the Marianist Sisters in Rome, Italy, July 9-30. The worldwide chapter meeting takes place every five years to chart the directions for the international membership of the sisters in 15 countries.