Wednesday October 17, 2007

Campus Report Oct 17, 2007

The University of Dayton welcomes the 'new people.'


Cara Clark is the head softball coach. Christine Steines joins the staff as an assistant softball coach. She was previously employed at Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa.

Natalie Denny joins the marketing division as a marketing assistant, responsible for women's volleyball and women's basketball. She is also in charge of the Future Flyers Kids Club.

Women's basketball welcomed assistant coaches Lesley Dickinson and Kyle Rechlicz. Kyle comes to UD from Cleveland State University.

Matthew Farrell is the director of basketball operations in men's basketball. Stacey Schretzman is an administrative assistant in men's basketball. Her husband, Chuck, is commander of Army ROTC at UD.

Brian Harrison is an assistant baseball coach. He was most recently employed at Urbana University. Jonathan Borovich returns to athletics, where he worked from 2003-05, as an assistant basketball coach.

Chatoya Hayes joins the staff as a sports marketing assistant. Her responsibilities include sports marketing and promotion for men's and women's soccer, men's basketball and athletics special events. Derek Copeland is the head coach of rowing. He comes to UD from Wright State University.

Linda O'Keefe is the head women's tennis coach. She was most recently employed at Sinclair Community College.

Adam Steinwachs is the head women's track and field coach. He comes to UD from Roberts Wesleyan College.

Bombeck Family Learning Center

Two new teachers were welcomed in July: Molly E. Berus, who was previously employed by US Bank, and Ashley Smith, a UD graduate who formerly worked for Head Start.

Campus Ministry

The Rev. LaKendra Hardware is a campus minister for interdenominational ministry and Marianist Hall, providing pastoral care and presence to students in the Protestant and Marianist Hall communities. She previously worked at Georgetown University.

Allison P. Leigh is a campus minister for retreats and faith communities. She was previously employed at Drake University.

James Pera is a campus minister for liturgical music. He previously worked at Chaminade-Julienne High School.

Career Services

Avery Allen is serving as interim director in the Caldwell Street center.

Center for Catholic Education

Rhonda Mercs joins UD as a site coordinator for the urban child development resource center. She will be working as a counselor in urban Catholic schools.

Debra M. Sanderman is the director of Lalanne Program. Her husband, David Conard works as the director of retreats and faith communities.

Counseling Center

Stephen Large is a psychologist, providing individual, group and couple's counseling to UD students. He comes to UD from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Dining Services

Colleen Annable has joined the Kennedy Union catering team. In Marycrest Hall, Philip Schaller is a chef who comes to UD from A Moveable Feast Catering. Shannon Brown is an assistant general manager who previously worked at the Eat 'n Park Restaurant. Dorian Eads is a supervisor in Marycrest.

Debra L. Hemmelgarn is a senior administrative secretary, supporting the director and associate director of dining services. Jann P. Saettel is a dining services attendant in Virginia W. Kettering Hall.

Educational Leadership

Megan Greenlee is an administrative secretary.

Facilities Management

Lindsay M. Lease is a furniture and signage specialist. She will be completing signage specifications and selecting furniture throughout campus. She most recently worked at Thomasville Furniture. Steven E. Hamilton is a senior secretary, responsible for the department's vehicle fleet, key inventory and monitoring of residential property work orders.

Health Center

Stephanie Miller is a staff registered nurse who comes to UD from Vandalia Medical Center.

Honors and Berry Scholars

Ramona R. Speranza is an office coordinator. She comes to UD from the Antioch Co. — Antioch Publishing Division.

Human Resources

Jennifer Duwel is an employment manager who will work with hiring non-academic positions. Jack T. F. Ling is the executive director of institutional diversity and inclusion.

Learning Teaching Center

David Thomas is the night coordinator, responsible for keeping the LTC clean and orderly and for answering the phones.

Materials and Chemical Engineering

Biplab Kumar Kuila is working as a post-doctorate researcher under the supervision of Professor Liming Dai.

Public Safety

Thomas Barber returns to public safety as a police officer. He worked in public safety from 1998 to 2004.  James E. Rohrer is a police office who worked for the Dayton Police Department from 1980 to 2007.

Residence Education

New area coordinators joining the University include Lindsay Cuadros in Founders Hall; Charles Kellom in Stuart Hall; and Christopher Tyner in Marycrest Hall.

Residential Services

Jemika Maxwell joins UD as a night receptionist in Stuart Hall.

Teacher Education

Rochonda Nenonene is a first-year coordinator for the Urban Teacher Academy. She was a graduate assistant in the School of Education and Allied Professions while she was completing her Ph.D.

University Libraries

Joan Milligan is a catalog assistant in Roesch Library.

UD Research Institute

Jim Hickey is a composite manufacturing engineer for the non-metallic materials division. He will be working to help commercialize new materials.

Joseph F. Schindelholz works in Arlington, Va. as the senior program manager for the human factors group.

Fei Wang is an an associate engineer who does image processing for photogrammetry.

Kurukulasuriya Alexius Shiral Fernando comes to UD from Clemson University and is conducting chemistry research.