Tuesday February 5, 2008

Elite Company

Through the persistence and performance of three students, the University of Dayton is now part of an elite student-managed investment group that includes the London School of Economics.

Three University of Dayton business students have been accepted into an elite international student-managed investment organization along with students from some of the most prestigious business schools in the world.

As the first Dayton members of Global Platinum Securities, juniors Rob Green, Theresa Fortier and John Krebsbach are part of an organization that includes only 40 students from seven other schools – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, New York University, the University of Colorado and the London School of Economics.

"They were very hesitant about expanding – at first they didn't think it would add any value to the club," said Green. "We worked hard and stayed persistent. We knew we could prove to them that we had the qualities."

Global Platinum Securities CEO Helen Weng, of Harvard University, said her organization was impressed with the resumes of the three UD students as well as their performance in the trial period.

"I was struck by their entrepreneurial spirits and determination to prove that they were just as capable, smart and hardworking as any other analyst selected from one of our existing chapter schools," Weng said. "They produced impressive final projects and actively asked questions and challenged members throughout the summer."

Green said the organization is like an inter-collegiate club that operates through "pods" of students at member schools and regular online meetings. Three face-to-face meetings are held each year.

The group manages a $200,000 portfolio, which has been seeded by investments from members, alumni and mentors, he said. A portion of the investment proceeds will go to a charity event held at each of the member schools.

"It's really an organization dedicated to learning," Green said, adding that the members work very closely together to manage the fund and to help each other learn. A group of mentors offers their knowledge and experience and are also in regular contact.

Weng said the UD students brought more diverse viewpoints and expanded the organization's geographic reach, while providing unique access to UD's Davis Center of Portfolio Management. Through the leading-edge technology of the Davis Center, UD students learn portfolio management in an environment similar to a Wall Street investment firm.

"We believe that the values and interests of many students pursuing studies in finance or investment management at UD closely align with GPS' values," she said.

As finance/entrepreneurship double majors from the University of Dayton,? the UD students felt they had the necessary skills and experience to contribute to Global Platinum Securities, Green said.

"I think once we started communicating with them, they realized we have the qualifications, and they realized we have a great community here. I know they definitely enjoy our commitment and are really excited to continue the pod at Dayton," Green said.

Green said the Dayton pod is now looking for the next generation of Global Platinum Securities members and will be recruiting up to four freshmen or sophomores as summer analysts for 2008.

As summer analysts, the recruits will undergo a trial period in which they can attend meetings and be assigned projects and tasks. Assignments range from creating an investment vehicle to developing profiles of companies and defending their choices in a grill session.

Rob Green at green.robertw@gmail.com