Thursday March 6, 2008

Ghosts on Founders 5

A Feb. 7 UDQuickly entry "Finding Founders' fifth floor" asked readers for campus ghost stories, and that day's New from UDQ asked readers whether they had heard of ghosts on Founders' top floor. The readers replied.

The UDQ editor in Feb. 7 e-mail newsletter New from UDQ, in promoting a story on the blog UDQuickly, wrote, "I'd never heard of ghosts on the fifth floor of Founders. Had you?"

One 1950 grad replied, "It's been so long, don't even remember Founders Hall."

Jim Perota '80, however, has a vivid memory: "I came home late one night and two cops were in the hallway in front of my room. They asked who I was, and I said I lived here. I asked what was going on, and they claimed someone had thrown a shopping cart off the roof of the dorm from that location and that a student had been killed. To my knowledge, no evidence had even been found -- no shopping cart, no damage below and no body!"

And, well, no cops. Maybe they were the ghosts.? Perota and many other alumni have clear memories of the fifth floor as a place of close-knit camaraderie. Some of the inhabitants also had a attitude, seeing themselves as "upperclassmen ... clean and quiet unlike the lower classmen that occupied the lower floors."

Alumni certainly would have liked ghosts to have been there. One grad, remembering the hall's all-male days, notes that "women ghosts would have been especially welcomed."

Many remember the building often making noises on its own. Some alumni rationally attributed these sounds to archaic plumbing or heating systems. One suggested, however, "it might be angels watching out for the humble students."

Another said the that, when your heard the noises, "you knew it was time to study and say your prayers (for both lost souls and that your passed your exam the next day)."

One New from UDQ subscriber, a current student had a request: "I live on the third floor. So, if it ever comes down there, give me the heads up, will ya?"