Tuesday April 1, 2008

Winning Portfolios

Finance students from 12 universities were honored for their investment savvy in the 8th annual student portfolio competition at the University of Dayton during the RISE VIII forum.

Learning by doing carries big rewards and for some college students who manage portfolios of real money very well, the rewards of learning have earned special recognition.

In conjunction with the University of Dayton's RISE VIII Global Student Investment Forum March 27–29, the eighth annual student portfolio competition honored 12 universities with first place in various categories.

"The strong growth in the number of universities offering applied investment programs highlights the educational importance of allowing students to connect what they learn in the classroom with the challenges of managing real money in a real portfolio," said David Sauer, associate professor of finance and managing director of RISE.

Winners in the undergraduate division are:

Stetson University; DeLand, Fla.: fixed income portfolio.

Syracuse University; Syracuse, N.Y.: hybrid portfolio.

University of Alabama-Birmingham: growth-style portfolio.

Michigan Tech-Gold; Houghton, Mich.: value-style portfolio.

St. Joseph University; Philadelphia, Pa.: core-style portfolio.

St. Mary's University; Halifax, Canada: international portfolio.

Winners in the graduate division are:

University of Iowa Henry Fund: growth-style portfolio.

Simon Fraser University; Vancouver, Canada: value-style portfolio.

University of Tampa; Tampa, Fla.: core-style portfolio.

HEC Montreal; Montreal, Canada: international portfolio.

University of Arkansas Shollmeier Fund; Fayetteville, Ark.: hybrid portfolio.

RISE (Redefining Investment Strategy Education) VIII attracted 2,300 students, faculty and professionals from 257 colleges and universities from 69 different countries.

A highlight of the three-day event was a first for a university campus – a remote NASDAQ Market Closing Bell Ceremony – which was broadcast around the globe and appeared live on Times Square in New York City.

RISE VIII was covered by the financial news media including Dow Jones Newswire, Reuters, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg TV and Market News International.

For more information, contact David Sauer at sauer@udayton.edu or 937-229-2757 or Cilla Shindell at 937-229-3257.

David Sauer at sauer@udayton.edu or 937-229-2757