Thursday June 26, 2008

Campus Report June 26, 2008

President Daniel J. Curran calls for alumni to boldly proclaim UD's prestige to the rest of the world.

"It's about community. It's about faith. It's about reading the signs of the times. We know what the University of Dayton is all about because we live it."

With those words, University of Dayton President Daniel J. Curran challenged alumni at a Reunion Weekend breakfast to boldly proclaim UD's prestige to the rest of the world.

"We have to be very bold, very aggressive, in showing the true face of UD," he said. "We're a very strong institution. It's not about throwing out our chest. It's about sharing the facts. UD is a special place." Curran pointed to record applications, record college entrance test scores and a "high-powered" research program.

"Two recent developments indicate the growing prestige of the University of Dayton," he said. "The Ohio Research Scholars program is funding three endowed professors in alternative fuels, advanced materials and sensor technology. We are the only private university in the state tapped to lead the developments of a center exploring the rapidly emerging surveillance technology called layered sensing.

"We are also leading the way on the quest for alternative fuels. This summer, the Ohio Board of Regents will consider the nation's first master's degree in renewable and clean energy," he said. "Continuing to foster these types of exciting advances is critical for our future success."

Thanking donors, Curran said, "Reunions are about living and talking about the past. We will never abandon the past. Today, I ask you to think about our future."