Thursday June 5, 2008

Campus Report June 5, 2008

Many employees were honored May 20 at the president's recognition dinner.

The following employees were honored May 20 at the president's recognition dinner.

Alumni Award in Teaching

  • Margaret Pinnell (mechanical and aerospace engineering)

Alumni Award in Scholarship

  • Guru Subramanyam (electrical and computer engineering)

Marianist Service Award

  • Herbert Schotz (dining services, Kennedy Union)
  • Jill Talley (University Honors and John W. Berry Scholars program)

Distinguished Service Professor

  • J. Michael O'Hare (physics)

Professors Emeriti

  • David W. Ahern (political science)
  • Brother Donald R. Geiger, S.M. (biology)
  • John R. Korte (psychology)
  • Joseph E. Lang (computer science)
  • William F. Moroney (psychology)
  • Peter B. Nelson (political science)
  • Dennis J. Turner (UD School of Law)
  • Mary A. Zahner (visual arts)

Silver Jubilarians

  • Dilip R. Ballal (mechanical and aerospace engineering and UDRI energy and environmental engineering)
  • Richard K. Chenoweth (music)
  • Father Gerald T. Chinchar, S.M. (campus ministry)
  • John E. Erdei (physics)
  • Raghava G. Gowda (computer science)
  • Elizabeth F. Gustafson (economics and finance)
  • Charles G. Hallinan (School of Law)
  • Henry B. Hardin (facilities management)
  • Douglas A. Hauschild (athletics)
  • James C. Hierholzer (materials engineering)
  • Peter W. Hovey (mathematics)
  • Clara Jones (Marian Library)
  • Thomas J. Lasley (School of Education and Allied Professions)
  • C. William Lee (chemical and materials engineering)
  • Theo J. Majka (sociology, anthropology and social work)
  • Richard Matson (facilities management)
  • A. Ben Oumlil (management and marketing)
  • Pauline Saintignon (mathematics)
  • William J. Stump (UDit student and business information)
  • Timothy A. Wilbers (visual arts)


  • David W. Ahern (political science)
  • Carol S. Andrews (purchasing)
  • Robert J. Andrews (UDRI structural integrity)
  • David W. Barrington (UDRI nonstructural materials)
  • Benjamin Blodgett (Roesch Library)
  • Mary F. Borchers (UDRI nonstructural materials)
  • Randall J. Breitwisch (biology)
  • Ann M. Caffrey (human resources)
  • Patricia A. Delamer (Learning Enhancement and Academic Development)
  • John A. Detrio (UDRI)
  • Joseph R. Dooley (facilities management)
  • John N. Dues (UDRI nonstructural materials)
  • Thomas Dusz (UDRI materials engineering)
  • Jane L. Falck (Bombeck Center)
  • Brian G. Frock (UDRI structural integrity)
  • Edward D. Garten (University libraries)
  • Brother Donald R. Geiger, S.M. (biology)
  • Frank C. Gentner (UDRI structural integrity)
  • Richard J. Harris (UDRI metals and ceramics)
  • Stella M. Harris (dining services)
  • Dale L. Hart (UDRI materials engineering)
  • Vicki L. Hellmund (UDRI aerospace mechanical engineering)
  • Doug Holsapple (facilities management)
  • Mattie Horton (dining services)
  • Larry P. Hubbard (facilities management)
  • John W. Jung (facilities management)
  • Seol Ja Kim (dining services)
  • John R. Korte (psychology)
  • Joseph E. Lang (computer science)
  • Diane M. Leach (human resources)
  • Laurie H. Leach (intensive English program)
  • C. William Lee (UDRI metals and ceramics)
  • Kenneth L. Lindsay (UDRI multi-scale composites and polymers)
  • Iman Maartense (UDRI metals and ceramics)
  • Mary Margaret Matley (campus ministry)
  • William F. Moroney (psychology)
  • Peter B. Nelson (political science)
  • Fred P. Pestello (provost)
  • Amy D. Roemer (UDRI purchasing and property records)
  • Costandy S. Saba (UDRI nonstructural materials)
  • Karen L. Smith (UDRI research accounting)
  •     * Edward A. Strader (UDRI energy and environmental engineering)
  • Francis W. Timko (sociology, anthropology and social work)
  • Charles A. Tobin (UDRI nonstructural materials)
  • Allen E. Turner (UDRI metals and ceramics)
  • Dennis J. Turner (School of Law)
  • Susan E. Whigham (UD Printing & Design)
  • Cheri D. Wunsch (facilities management)
  • Mary A. Zahner (visual arts)
  • Mary Rita Zeh (health center)