Thursday July 3, 2008

Loyal Service

A new recognition program honors employees at five-year milestones with jeweled pins and gifts. This year, one employee receives a 50-year pin.

In a recognition program that started in January, UD is honoring employees' service with gemstone pins and gifts at milestone anniversaries.

"We like to view an anniversary at UD as a celebration," said employee relations manager Mary Ann Dodaro, who is coordinating the program. "This is a way to honor their loyalty and dedication to the organization."

Starting this year, an employee receives recognition when he or she reaches an anniversary with a five-year multiple. A gift selection brochure is mailed to the honoree's home, and the employee's supervisor receives a pin to present publicly to the employee.

The five-year pin is plain; at the 10th anniversary, it comes with a ruby. The 15th anniversary pin has a sapphire; the 20th, two rubies; the 25th, two sapphires. At the 30th anniversary, the pin has a diamond; the 35th anniversary pin has two diamonds; the 40th, three. Those celebrating the 40th anniversary receive two larger diamonds with a small diamond in the middle.

This fall, one employee celebrates his 50th anniversary — a rare honor for any organization, Dodaro said. Engineering technology professor Bob Wolff, who came to work at UD in September 1958, will receive a pin with three large diamonds.

Each spring and fall, Dodaro said, UD plans to host a luncheon for employees marking 25-plus-year milestones in that half-year. Anyone marking a milestone of 20 years or fewer will be honored in his or her department in a manner chosen by the supervisor.

Dodaro encouraged supervisors to commit some planning to the presentations so that they mark the employee's anniversary in a meaningful way. She'll offer some ideas to supervisors at a 45-minute training session at 11 a.m. Thursday, July 17, in Kennedy Union 310. To register, call Dodaro at Ext. 92289 or send her an e-mail.

— Maureen Schlangen