Thursday July 3, 2008

People in Action

Read about the awards, accomplishments, scholarly work and professional achievements of your colleagues.

Professional development
  • In mid-June, political science lecturer Father John Putka, S.M., participated in the Current Strategies Forum at the Naval War College in Newport, R.I., an invitation-only event. (See gallery image.)
  • David Sauer, associate professor of finance, attended the European conference of the Financial Management Association International in Prague June 4-6. There, he promoted the 2009 RISE Forum.


  • Chuck Edmonson, professor of engineering technology, is subscription editor for the American Society for Engineering Education's Journal of Engineering Technology (JET).?
  • Sean Falkowski, assistant professor of engineering technology, was elected secretary/treasurer of the manufacturing division of the American Society for Engineering Education.
  • Dave Myszka, professor of engineering technology, is past chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department Heads Association and continues to attend the meetings.
  • Scott Segalewitz, professor and chair of engineering technology, has taken office as chair-elect of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Department Heads Association. He becomes chair in June 2010. One of the major tasks for this group is to continue to refine the body of knowledge and to write questions for a nationally normed examination for graduates of both associate's and baccalaureate-level electrical and electronic engineering technology programs.
  • Robert Wolff, professor of engineering technology, and Robert Mott, professor emeritus of engineering technology, participated in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Manufacturing Education Leadership Forum, held at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh June 26-27. Mott was on the planning team for the forum, and Wolff was a session co-chair. The forum addressed the future of manufacturing education in the United States.


  • Susan Brenner, NCR Distinguished Professor of Law & Technology in the UD School of Law, recently signed a contract with Oxford University Press for her book cyb3rchaos, which will be published under a different title. "NYU Press also made an offer," she said, "but I turned them down because it came a little after the Oxford one. ... University of Chicago Press also wanted it but fell behind in the review process." See Brenner's blog on cybercrime.
  • Father Chris Conlon, S.M., was part of the writing team for Living Liturgy 2009, a resource for those who work on Sunday liturgies and solemnities. The book, which has a new edition each year, is used by approximately 16,000 people across the United States.

Media appearances

  • Larry Schweikart, professor of history, was interviewed on several radio programs --the Martha Zoller Show, the Ed Morrisey Show and the Michael Reagan Show -- discussing his forthcoming book, 48 Liberal Lies About American History (That You Probably Learned in School); Sentinel, the conservative imprint of Penguin Publishing, releases it in September. Schweikart also was interviewed on National Public Radio for a piece about the legacy of President Bush. Listen to the interview.

Alumni engagement

  • Scott Segalewitz and other engineering technology faculty recently hosted a dinner in Pittsburgh for eight School of Engineering alumni in the area. "It was mostly for the purpose of keeping in touch, but also to renew contact from a few who have not been to campus for several years," Segalewitz said. "I gave them an overview of changes at the University, the School of Engineering and the department of engineering technology over the past several years. ... We invited each of them back to campus for a tour of campus and an update on School of Engineering facilities."


The UD engineering technology department was well-represented at the 2008 Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education, held June 22-25 in Pittsburgh. The following faculty made presentations:

  • Charlie Edmonson, professor of engineering technology, presented "A Method of Pacing Online Courses: Blending Asynchronous Assessments and Recorded Lectures with Synchronous Lectures."
  • Engineering technology faculty members Sean Falkowski, Robert Mott and Robert Wolff were among seven who presented "Consolidating Two NSF Online Materials and Information Resource Centers for Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Education."
  • Sean Falkowski, assistant professor of engineering technology, presented "Analysis of the Curriculum of Manufacturing Engineering Technology Programs."
  • David Myszka, professor of engineering technology, presented "Alternative Student Performance Evaluations in Mechanical Measurement Courses."
  • Mark Patterson, assistant professor of engineering technology, co-presented "Keeping Technology Courses Current While Minimizing Disruption to the Instructional Design" with C. Richard Helps of Brigham Young University.
  • Scott Schneider, assistant professor of engineering technology, presented "Using Programming Projects in an Operating Systems Course as a Capstone Software Engineering Experience."
  • Donna C.S. Summers, professor of engineering technology, presented "Increasing Awareness About Service Industries Opportunities for IET and IE Graduates."