Thursday August 7, 2008

Campus Report Aug 07, 2008

The Emerging Leader program put their leadership skills to work helping to build two houses in their community.

In July, 11 members of UD's Emerging Leader program spent the day helping to build two houses on Clement Avenue in Dayton.

After a June class session with Dick Ferguson of the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community and Center for Leadership and Executive Development director Pete Luongo, the group chose to put their leadership skills to work in their community.

"Volunteering is the easiest thing to forget to do," said Jason Klare, a manager with the Berry Co. in Cincinnati and a member of the Emerging Leader program. "Today, I learned that I am able to do things that I had no idea I could even do."

The Emerging Leader program is a yearlong leadership and business skill development program for managers and future executives. In addition to spending 17 days in the classroom, each participant completes various assessments, receives coaching and works with a mentor from within his or her organization to discover better ways of leading in the organization, at home and in the community.

For more information about this program, contact Lisa Beutel, program director, at (937) 229-2665, or click on the related link.