Tuesday December 16, 2008

Marriage of Arts and Technology

A new program offers students a solid foundation in the technical side of art.

The integrated arts and technology program offers students interested in arts and engineering technology a strong foundation in areas such as audio engineering, computer-based visual design, Web page design and technical support for live performances. Upon completion of the program, students receive an integrated arts and technology certificate and an engineering technology degree.

"So often we hear parents selling engineering to their children with, 'I know you love music but you have to make a living,'" said Jim Globig, a UD associate professor of engineering technology and director of the program. "How great would it be if they didn’t have to choose? This offers foundations in the technical aspects of the arts students couldn’t otherwise receive in just engineering or music."

There are many examples of where arts and technology intersect – introductory mechanics for designing stage props that won’t collapse, introductory circuits for theatre lighting, and digital communications for Internet design.

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