Thursday January 22, 2009

'The Wall'

Junior English major Kondwani Harawa's poem "The Wall" was one of two artistic submissions selected to be read at UD's Martin Luther King Jr. prayer breakfast Jan. 20.

The Wall

By Kondwani Harawa

First things first-

    There exists a wall

    Between us

    Don't try to touch it

    Don't try to see it

    Because you can't

Second, but not

   To be confused with the


    There exists another wall


    Be careful

    This wall is around us

    Surrounds us

    With no way out

Third, putting one and two


    You'll be able to see

    We are separated, though

    We are in this together

    You and me

But what does this mean?

Situation One:

        You are different

        From me

            I have issues

        With you

And you, me

        That said, we'll look at

Situation Two:

        You are different

        From me


        I realize I need you


        You need me, so

Situation Three:

        A mix of the


        We are different

        But don't care what

Difference means

And these are the three realities.

But some may say that

"Three is false," for

Differences are so plain

    To see

And some may say that

    "Two makes sense,"

    Because it can, but

    That's too easy

Still, many say that

    "One is true,

    Because that is the world

    We live in, you see?"


    For there is always one

        Of these

Let us go back to what we know:

    There exists a wall

    Between us

    We can't see it

Or touch it

But we know it is there

    And there is another wall

    Around us

    And this one keeps us in

So what are we doing

        Worrying about a wall

        We can never escape


        For there are two walls-

        One keeps us in, and

         The other lets us see

        But there was only ever one wall

            And the second


Is harmony.

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