Thursday March 5, 2009

Enterprise, Identity

A delegation of students and faculty from a Marianist university in Texas spent the week of March 2 at UD to learn about student-run businesses, Catholic and Marianist identity and business as a calling.

A year ago, as students at St. Mary's University in San Antonio began to investigate the idea of a student-run enterprise, they turned to UD's Flyer Enterprises for guidance.

This week, two of those students, an interim dean and two professors made a trip to Dayton to see Flyer Enterprises in action and to witness how UD's Catholic and Marianist identity manifests itself in the School of Business Administration.

They sat in on the School's Business as a Calling course and met with students and faculty involved in Flyer Enterprises, spending a shift at each business. They also met with the School's Catholic and Marianist identity committee and learned the plans for the new Center for the Integration of Faith and Work, said Brother Victor Forlani, S.M., the School of Business Administration's Marianist-in-residence.

The visitors also met with some of the leaders of the Davis Center for Portfolio Management, the Hanley Group Derivatives Trading Center, the Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, the business plan competition, the Center for Leadership and Executive Development, the Business Research Group and the Program for Christian Leadership.

Flyer Enterprises CEO Lauren Clarisey said St. Mary's students first contacted her office about a year ago while they were preparing for a trip to UD's RISE Forum. During RISE, they visited her office, met with managers and asked about Flyer Enterprises' history, operations and organizational model. Initially, the students were considering a retail operation for fair-trade items, but they're also investigating businesses similar to UD's, Clarisey said.

The St. Mary's delegation included interim business dean Jim Welch, ethics professor Matt Gilley, finance professor David Sommer, and students Stephanie Baumgart and Lindsi Wilson.

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