Thursday March 5, 2009

SEE Seed Grants

UD's Sustainability, Energy and the Environment program awards seed grants to support research that contributes to the SEE initiative's priorities. This year, SEE made grants to eight faculty members.

The University of Dayton Sustainability, Energy and the Environment  initiative announces the awardees of its 2009 seed grants:
  • Paul Becker (sociology): Environmental Inequality and Mining in Appalachia
  • M. Eric Benbow (biology): Understanding Invertebrate-Microbial Relationships For Wetland Bioassessment
  • Shawn Cassiman (social work): Beliefs About Energy, the Environment, Wellbeing and Attitudes Toward Sustainability Among Low-Income Residents of Dayton, Ohio, and Bangalore, India
  • Donald Comfort (chemical and materials engineering) - Characterization of Thermophilic Cellulolytic Enzymes
  • Umesh K. Haritashya (geology): Quantitative Assessment of Climate-Induced Glacier Fluctuation in the Central Himalaya Utilizing Satellite Images
  • Ryan McEwan (biology): Dendroecology of Germantown and Twin Creeks Metroparks, Southern Ohio: 300-years of Climate Change, Forest Fire and Landscape Dynamics
  • Michelle Pautz (political science): Environmental Inspectors and the Restoration of Trust in the Environmental Regulatory System
  • Qiwen Zhan (electro-optics): Nanostructures for High-Efficiency Solar Cell Design

For more information about UD's SEE initiatives, see the SEE Web site.