Monday April 27, 2009

Moved to Give

Students have the opportunity again to donate their unwanted items during move-out week to local charities.

What University of Dayton students don't want to take home or can't fit in the car when moving out of their residences this week will be donated to local charities.

"It will save the University money, because we will avoid extra trash pickups and tipping fees at the landfill, which alone can be $40 a ton or more," said Kurt Hoffmann, University of Dayton environmental sustainability manager. "Last year, we collected and donated more than 30 tons of clothing, furniture, food, electronics and household items. "We have doubled our efforts this year and are looking forward to increasing our total."

Thirty tons is about the weight of 13.3 million gallons of milk, 27,000 small textbooks, 3,092 26-inch wide-screen televisions, 375 couches or 20 mid-sized cars.

Large bins in residence halls will collect the students' unwanted items Monday, April 27, through Sunday, May 3. University facilities employees will help load the items into two semi-trucks at Marycrest Hall and parking lot A. The trucks will haul the goods to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Good Shepherd Ministries and Habitat for Humanity.

Hoffmann said University faculty and staff are encouraged to donate items as well.

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