Thursday April 2, 2009

Stander Keynote: Go Green

An advocate for a green economy shares her story and her message April 16 as they keynote speaker for the 2009 Stander Symposium.

"You shouldn't have to move out of your neighborhood to live in a better one," says the keynote speaker of the 2009 Stander Symposium.

Rather than move away from her environmentally and economically disparaged South Bronx neighborhood when she had the chance, Majora Carter decided not only to live there, but to make it her life's work to revitalize the area and its people.

Carter shares her story and her message at 9 a.m. Thursday, April 16, in the Stander Symposium's keynote address in RecPlex. Admission is free, but tickets are required; call 229-2545.

Carter, founder of the nonprofit organization Sustainable South Bronx and later her own green economic development consulting firm, appeared on the green scene in 2000 when she battled New York City administration to keep it from locating a large municipal waste-handling operation in her neighborhood.

She succeeded in 2001. Soon after that, she founded Sustainable South Bronx and promptly landed a $1.25 million federal transportation planning grant for the South Bronx Greenway. Along with recreational space and 11 miles of alternative transportation, the project provided local economic development, low-impact storm water management and the first new South Bronx waterfront park in more than 60 years.

Then, she began working to attract environmentally conscious investment, emphasizing urban forestation, green roofing and walls, and water-permeable open spaces.

Now, she's host of the public radio program The Promised Land: Different Takes on the Legacy of Martin Luther King.

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