Thursday April 2, 2009

United in Purpose

The faculty-staff appeal for the annual fund starts April 14. Its co-chairs, Nick Cardilino and Matt Shank, say employee support affirms the University's mission and its Marianist values.

The faculty-staff campaign for the annual fund kicks off April 14 with a mail appeal from two well-known members of the University community.

Co-chairs Matt Shank, dean of the School of Business Administration, and Nick Cardilino, director of campus ministry's Center for Social Concern, encourage their colleagues to participate at any level they can.

Cardilino directs his annual fund gift to campus ministry every year.

"I support campus ministry because I really believe that what we do, particularly students' spiritual growth and providing them the opportunities to serve, is really essential not only to the mission of the university, but to the common good," he said.

He and Shank said every gift to the annual fund — from employees, alumni, parents or friends — solidifies UD's ability to deliver high-quality, transformative education and research.

"The work of shaping our future is challenging, but one of the key strengths our community has is our Marianist charism, which allows us — in fact encourages us — to shape that future as a community of individuals," Shank and Cardilino said in their letter to employees. "We trust you will understand the role that having a strong financial core plays in supporting us."

Annual fund director Joan Schiml emphasized every gift is appreciated, regardless of the amount, and employees can direct their gifts to any purpose they wish. Giving options are shown on the annual giving Web site.

"Strong participation by faculty and staff is one way to show we're united in purpose," Schiml said, "and it reflects positively on our University in helping attract corporate and foundation support."

Making a gift

  • Ways to give: Gifts can be made by cash, check, credit card, payroll deduction or salary reduction. All but salary reduction are listed on the gift card in the mailing. With salary reduction, the donor reduces his or her salary by the amount of the gift — a minimum of $707 — thereby receiving pre-tax credit rather than a charitable deduction credit. The minimum gift amount of $707 qualifies the donor for membership in the 1850 Society, the annual giving club for donors of $1,000 or more. To enroll, contact Schiml directly at 229-2896.
  • Send it in: Employees can send their gift information by postal mail, by campus mail or via the secure Web site.
  • Planned giving: Employees who want to consider planned giving may contact Regis Lekan at 229-2903 or via e-mail or Suzanne Kronke Rohlfs at 229-2934 or via e-mail.