Monday May 11, 2009

A Leader in International Student Satisfaction

For the third straight time, the University of Dayton leads universities in Ohio and worldwide in the largest survey of international student satisfaction in the world.

The University ranked first overall among 13 Ohio colleges and universities, according to an International Student Barometer survey conducted during the fall 2008 semester. The University had the highest average score in three out of four categories, taking the top spot for learning, living and support services.

The survey drew on feedback from more than 70,000 students at 95 colleges and universities worldwide, including 4,450 international students attending universities in the state of Ohio.

"We are pleased that international students continue to find quality in the experience and education they receive at the University of Dayton," said Amy Anderson, director of the University's Center for International Programs. "This survey has been a great tool to focus our efforts on meeting the needs of international students, and we are happy to partner with other Ohio schools to make this state a leader in international student education."

This is the first time the Ohio schools participated as a group in the survey, which closed after the results of other schools were counted, making worldwide rankings unavailable. The University of Dayton ranked No. 1 in the world in the last two surveys (winter semester 2007 and fall semester 2007), and the school's overall satisfaction rating this year is 5.9 percentage points higher than the worldwide average.

Participating schools use the ISB as an indicator of student satisfaction in areas including student advising, quality of on-campus accommodations, language support, teaching and worship facilities. The University of Dayton utilizes survey results to continuously focus on and meet the needs of the international student population.

"This is among the highest ratings we've seen in the markets in which we administer the ISB," said William Archer, Director of International Graduate Insight Group, the organization that administers the ISB. "The University of Dayton has a number of areas where they achieve extraordinary ratings from their students."

Perhaps the most significant testament to quality is the exceptional number of University of Dayton international students who said they would recommend the University to others, Archer said.

"UD has a great environment, and the people are very friendly and welcoming," commented one student in the survey. "Professors are helpful and have a passion for their field of teaching. The environment for living in the university halls is also enriching and enjoyable."

Another student commented, "Overall, UD is an ideal college for anyone wishing to study in the USA."

The University of Dayton's efforts support the Ohio Board of Regents in their goal to attract more international students to Ohio's universities and colleges. The latest results of the ISB survey indicate Ohio institutions are leading the world in terms of international student satisfaction with their university experience.

Thirty-five percent of the University of Dayton's international student population responded to the survey. Respondents included undergraduate and graduate students, students in the Intensive English Program and exchange students.

Approximately 460 international students and visiting scholars attend and conduct research at the University of Dayton, International Student and Scholar Services Coordinator Jane Hart said. The most highly represented countries are India, China and Saudi Arabia.

The International Student Barometer is a product of i-Graduate, an independent education benchmarking and research service.

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