Thursday June 25, 2009

Service Honors

At an annual dinner June 17, the University of Dayton honored employees for their longtime service and commitment to UD's Marianist values.

At President Daniel J. Curran's annual recognition dinner, the University presented the 2009 Marianist Service Awards, honored 33 retirees and recognized three professors who received the emeritus ranking.

Father Paul Marshall, S.M., University rector, presented the 2009 Marianist Service Awards to:
Each received an original brushed-metal sculpture called "Madonna Child," by Brother Mel Meyer, S.M.

Joseph Saliba, provost and vice president for educational affairs, awarded the rank of professor emeritus to the following faculty members:
  • Maureen O'Meara (languages)
  • Father Thomas Schoen, S.M. (computer science)
  • Carol Shaw (engineering, accounting)
Joyce Carter, vice president for human resources, honored the following employees for their retirements in the 2008-09 academic year:
  • Ronald L. Barnett (facilities management)
  • Robert P. Boehmer (University of Dayton Research Institute)
  • Jack W. Danielson (University of Dayton Research Institute)
  • Joanda E. D'Antuono (University of Dayton Research Institute)
  • Michael L. Drake (University of Dayton Research Institute)
  • Maurine D. Dubose (dining services)
  • Joyce A. Duchak (counselor education and human services)
  • John W. Fudge (communications)
  • Josephine M. Hale (dining services)
  • Gregory D. Hayes (Learning Teaching Center)
  • Beverly H. Hierholzer (Roesch Library)
  • Paul E. Johnson (University of Dayton Research Institute)
  • Kathleen A. Kappeler (registrar's office)
  • Michael A. Keller (University of Dayton Research Institute)
  • Ran Y. Kim (University of Dayton Research Institute)
  • Julia L. Kinarney (University of Dayton Research Institute)
  • Theodore L. Kissell (athletics)
  • Christine A. Kraft (athletics)
  • Judith L. Kulp (dining services)
  • Robert L. Leach (Roesch Library)
  • Dean A. Lovelace (Fitz Center for Leadership in Community_
  • Carolyn A. Ludwig (office of the Alumni Chair in Humanities)
  • Billy R. Mayo (campus recreation)
  • Laura S. McManamon (management information systems, operations management and decision sciences)
  • Helen A. Megson (School of Law)
  • Patricia W. Meyers (School of Business Administration and office of the president)
  • Ki M. Nam (facilities management)
  • Rosemary T. O'Boyle (student development)
  • Pamela A. Sherman (Business Research Group)
  • Toni E. Smith (dining services)
  • Sheila A. Wager (dining services)
  • Colleen A. WIldenhaus (School of Education and Allied Professions)
  • Carol A. Williams (physics)