Thursday October 1, 2009

Outstanding Communicator

The National Communication Association will recognize communication professor Teresa L. Thompson with a top national award for her research and scholarship.

University of Dayton communication professor Teresa L. Thompson has been awarded the 2009 Outstanding Health Communication Scholar Award by the National Communication Association.

The prestigious national award recognizes Thompson's significant and original contributions to the field of health communication.

In her nomination, Thompson was recognized for her extensive work and scholarship in research, writing and editing textbooks and textbook chapters, journal articles and handbooks.

She has served since 1987 as editor of Health Communication, one of the most influential journals in the field of health communication and also serves a senior editor of the Handbook of Health Communication.

Thompson has studied how doctors and other health professionals communicate with patients about some of the most difficult topics in health care, which include death and grieving, organ donation, and aging.

An Oakwood resident, she joined the University of Dayton faculty in 1985. In 2002, she was awarded the Alumni Award in Teaching, the University's highest award for teaching.

She will receive the award at the National Communication Association annual convention in Chicago in November.

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