Thursday January 21, 2010

More Than Just Land

The purchase of a former Fortune 500 headquarters has drawn national and local media attention to the University of Dayton's rise in prestige and willingness to take bold steps.

This week, The Chronicle of Higher Education singled out the University of Dayton as one of a handful of universities nationally taking advantage of "once-in-a-generation" real estate opportunities. These campuses are converting vacant industrial properties into research hubs.

And a Jan. 17 Dayton Daily News' editorial, "UD's Growth About Much More Than Land," used President Daniel J. Curran's contract extension as a jumping-off point for discussing the growth in the University's prestige, selectivity and research volume.

"On nearly every important measure — academic standards, fundraising and research — UD's needle is moving in the right direction," the paper editorialized. An accompanying chart showed growth in enrollment, acreage, endowment, sponsored research, entering test scores, out-of-state enrollment and acceptance percentage.

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