Thursday April 1, 2010

Imagine the Future

A new video imagines what the University of Dayton will look like in the future if Google builds an ultra-high speed fiber network in Dayton.

Imagine a future where we aren't limited by bandwidth. What could we do? What impact could we make?

That future is possible, as tech company Google is working to build and test an ultra high-speed network in a number of trial locations across the country.

In a new video produced by the University of Dayton's Media Production Group, the University of Dayton joins thousands of other local residents and organizations in letting Google know why Dayton would be a perfect place to test this new network.

The video depicts what campus life will look like in 2012 if Google Fiber comes to Dayton. It shows how research, education and social interaction have been changed by the potential of data transfer speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today.

Google claims its test high-speed network will transfer data at more than 1 gigabit per second with fiber-to-the-home connections. For more information about their plans, check out the related link.

Several organizations throughout the Dayton region have joined together to respond to Google's request for information. As part of this response, a Web site and Facebook fan page have been set up to allow residents to show their support for the initiative. The goal is to let Google know that Dayton is an average American city that does awesome things.

The Web site,, calls the Dayton region a cross-section of America, making it a great test market. Dayton also has a history of innovative contributions to the world, from the Wright Brothers and Charles Kettering to today, with research and development in emerging technologies such as RFID, fuel cell development, advanced immersive reality, micro air machines and more.

The University of Dayton video was written and produced on campus by Media Production Group staff Mike Kurtz and Brian Mills. University of Dayton alum Kate Burdett narrates the video and UDit staff David Wright and Matt McNamara assisted the creative team in conceptualizing the video.

For more information, contact Meagan Pant, assistant director of news and communications, at 937-229-3256 or