Monday June 14, 2010

The BEST Campus

High school students from China and Singapore got a taste of U.S. campus life through the University of Dayton's BEST program.

The University of Dayton's BEST (Business, Engineering, Science and Technology) campus visit program offers an up-close and personal experience of American higher education to international high school students.

This summer, students primarily from China and Singapore lived on campus for 10 days,  attended classes, toured the Dayton community and worked side-by-side with faculty.

The Dayton Daily News visited a chemical engineering lab and interviewed BEST students about their University of Dayton experience, resulting in a news story and video.

Read the Dayton Daily News story here and see the video here.

A graduate student from India, who won an all-expenses paid trip to the University of Dayton, joined the BEST students for some activities, but had a VIP view of  campus life. Read about Vasanth Kumar's visit.

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