Thursday September 9, 2010

Wright Stuff: Joel Fried

The new Wright Brothers Institute endowed chair has written a book about something millions will use, touch or wear today.

Chances are good today most people will use, touch or wear something about which a University of Dayton researcher has written a book.

Joel Fried, a new Wright Brothers Institute endowed chair and professor of chemical and materials engineering, is the author of Polymer Science and Technology. The highly respected researcher, formerly at the University of Cincinnati, works with large molecules connected by chemical bonds, which include everyday plastics as well as proteins and DNA.

"Dr. Fried's vast experience will serve our school and University well," University of Dayton School of Engineering Dean Tony Saliba said about the one-time director of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers materials division. "We are fortunate to have someone of his caliber and prestige join the School of Engineering."

The University of Dayton is second in the nation in materials research.

Fried is the director of a $4 million National Science Foundation grant that focuses on bio-applications of membrane science and technology. Membranes are integral to controlled drug release and some medical devices. The program addresses a major challenge identified by the North American Membrane Society to integrate classical membrane science with bio-applications, according to a summary of the study. At the University of Dayton, he will look at how proteins and other biomaterials interact with natural and synthetic membranes.

Fried has written 150 journal articles and book chapters, and is working on another book — Computational Chemistry and Molecular Simulation.

 As a Wright Brothers Institute endowed chair, Fried will work with the Air Force Research Laboratory, industry and other local universities in areas of nano-biotechnology. He will work with several of his former doctoral students who have established successful companies in the Dayton area. The Wright Brothers Institute, based in Dayton, works with those partners to develop technologies that will stimulate and support the growth of technology companies to create jobs.

At the University of Cincinnati, Fried established the Center for Molecular Simulations through a $2 million award from the Ohio Board of Regents and held a variety of positions including director of the Polymer Research Center and head of the department of chemical engineering.

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