Thursday November 18, 2010

AirTran: Dayton Re-invented

The University of Dayton features prominently in a special section on the city of Dayton in the current issue of AirTran Airways' in-flight magazine.

AirTran passengers throughout November can read about the positive changes and momentum building in the city of Dayton.

The current issue of AirTran Airway's in-flight magazine, GO, includes a special section called "Dayton Re-invented," which prominently features the University of Dayton, calling the purchase of NCR Corp.'s former headquarters "high among the innovative moves being made in Dayton."

The three-page section includes photos of the 1700 South Patterson Building, University President Daniel J. Curran and a full-page ad for the University. The article also mentions Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and downtown's arts and cultural amenities among other assets in Dayton.

AirTran is the dominant carrier at the Dayton International Airport, with 72 flights per week. Their onboard magazine reaches an average of 2 million readers per month.

Below is an excerpt from the article about the University of Dayton. To view the special section, download the pdf.

High among the innovative moves being made in Dayton is the University of Dayton's acquisition of the former NCR world headquarters, which will serve as the university's base for its nationally renowned Research Institute in the vacated space in the Kettering Laboratories. It will also allow the School of Engineering to expand, provide space for the Ohio Research Scholars, and house graduate classes and a proposed alumni center.

Created shortly after World War II, the institute has nearly tripled its sponsored research in the past decade, jumping from $37.1 million to nearly $100 million. The National Science Foundation ranks UD as the No. 1 Catholic university for sponsored engineering research and development, and second among all universities in sponsored materials research.

"This is an exceptional opportunity for the university to invest in our future ¿ and this region's destiny, says President Daniel J. Curran. "It's a bold move for a private, Catholic university and a symbol of the university's forward-thinking nature."

The University of Dayton, whose campus now spans nearly 400 acres and whose reach is global, has built a strong reputation for combining technological advances with economic development. The reputation gave the university and its partners ¿ the city of Dayton, Montgomery County, the Dayton Development Coalition and CityWide Development Corp. ¿ a competitive edge in securing the state's first Ohio Hub of Innovation and Opportunity. The Aerospace Hub is focusing on growing technology jobs in materials, advanced manufacturing, sensors and sensor integration ¿ all areas of research strength for the university, which serves as the anchor for the hub. The state was recently awarded a $3.5 million Ohio Job Ready Site grant for transforming a portion of the space in the former Fortune 500 headquarters into a collaborative innovation center that will create jobs and speed the commercialization of technology.

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