Monday November 22, 2010

Extraordinary Public-Private Partnership

National, regional, local and campus leaders react to GE Aviation's decision to build a $51 million Electrical Power Integrated Systems Research and Development Center (EPISCENTER) on the University of Dayton campus within the Ohio Aerospace Hub.


"In Ohio, we have a strong legacy of creating partnerships that spur innovation and economic growth. The University of Dayton and GE Aviation are doing more than building a collaboration between private industry and higher education. Together, they are contributing to the Ohio Aerospace Hub of Innovation that will make Ohio even more attractive to 21st century technology firms and the engineers, researchers and leaders who will keep Ohio at the forefront of clean energy technology development." — U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

"In my experience, it is rare for a large company to build a research facility, let alone one on a college campus. But I think and hope your successful partnership becomes a trend. Many large companies have actually reduced R&D budgets, choosing to gain their new products and innovations in other ways. One way many have done so is through partnerships with colleges and universities." — Steve Holland, Past President of University Economic Development Association

"As always, the University of Dayton leads the way for the rest of us. This extraordinary public-private partnership is not only terrific for the community but also gives us a look into the future on how to sustain our institutions economically in the global marketplace of research and education." — Evan Dobelle, Author of "Savior of Our Cities: A Survey of Best College and University Civic Partnerships" and President of Westfield State College

"This type of economic development links higher education and the private sector in ways that can lead to new discoveries, new entrepreneurial ventures and opportunities for student learning through internships and other interactions. It serves as evidence that the Dayton region is recovering from the economic distress from the automotive industry restructuring and is moving forward toward a new economic model built on knowledge and technology." — Lawrence Molnar, Associate Director for the University of Michigan Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy

(Editor's Note: Lawrence Molnar is president of the Educational Association of University Centers, an advocacy group that supports university-based economic development. He is the principal investigator for a federally funded program that assists communities in a six-state area, including Ohio, that helps meet the critical needs of areas dealing with plant closures. Molnar worked with Moraine, Ohio, in dealing with the closure of the General Motors facility.)


We created the Ohio Hubs of Innovation and Opportunity program to recognize the unique strengths of our cities and help them do more of what they do best. And we began the hub program right here in Dayton because of the incomparable concentration of aerospace talent, facilities and resources from the government, academic and private sectors. We pledged to work with each of our hubs to spur new economic development. And today, right here, we see exactly what that can produce. That's why I am so proud to join GE Aviation and the University of Dayton to announce plans for the EPISCENTER. — Ohio Governor Ted Strickland

"This partnership showcases Ohio's commitment to connecting cutting-edge companies to our state's world-class portfolio of colleges and universities. Not only will it contribute jobs and investment to the region, but it makes clear to top-notch faculty, students and research firms around the world that Ohio has the talent and infrastructure to attract investments at the highest levels." — Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut

"This partnership between GE Aviation and the state of Ohio, along with our local partners — the University of Dayton and the University of Dayton Research Institute — is the type of collaboration needed to create a magnet for economic success in Ohio. The Ohio Third Frontier and Ohio Aerospace Hub are critical to that success by investing in and supporting early-stage technology that will change the face of the aerospace industry." — Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Director of the Ohio Department of Development


"We're grateful that in today's competitive environment, GE evaluated its options and chose to become part of our Aerospace Hub of Innovation. The GE EPISCENTER is a perfect example of the cutting-edge business ventures the hub is designed to attract and support. Thanks to the cooperation of our regional partners, the city of Dayton is happy to welcome GE as the first of what we expect to be many related advanced technology companies in the hub zone." — Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell

"GE Aviation's decision to locate their new EPISCENTER on the University of Dayton campus is a win for the city of Dayton. By choosing to locate in the southern portion of the Dayton Aerospace Hub, GE has validated the state of Ohio decision to create the Aerospace Hub of Innovation and Opportunity in Dayton." — Steven Budd, President of CityWide Development

"We're excited that GE Aviation has selected the University of Dayton as its site for this new, advanced research facility. The University of Dayton is a national research university with a long history of developing technologies that benefit mankind and producing engineers who excel at their professions. It's a great match." — Allen Hill, chair of the University of Dayton Board of Trustees

"It's rare for a global company of GE's stature to locate a new research facility on a college campus, but this is the future for leading universities. Dayton is establishing itself as a national center for aerospace research and development — and the University of Dayton is a significant contributor. Together, GE and University of Dayton researchers will create new advanced electrical power technologies. The applications are endless — from new power systems for aircraft to longer-range electric cars to smarter utility power grids for more efficient delivery of electricity.  This is the bold kind of technology-based economic development initiative that this region and our state need. When the University of Dayton purchased this land five years ago, we made a commitment that we would try to attract strong companies that could spur research and economic development for the region.  This is that vision coming to fruition." — Daniel J. Curran, President of the University of Dayton

"This is a game-changing win for Dayton, one that will significantly impact the city's aviation legacy and create future job opportunities. The University of Dayton, Ohio's Department of Development, city of Dayton and CityWide worked tirelessly to create a competitive proposal that would attract GE to this location. Locating within the Aerospace Hub will give GE Aviation access to Dayton's best and brightest in aerospace technologies." — Mickey McCabe, Vice President for Research and Executive Director of the Research Institute, University of Dayton

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