Tuesday December 21, 2010

A Blessing of Promise

In a formal blessing and dedication, the University of Dayton community celebrated the addition of 1700 South Patterson Building to campus.

As part of President Daniel J. Curran's Dec. 16 Christmas celebration for the campus community, the University formally blessed and dedicated the 1700 South Patterson Building to its new uses as a center for research, learning and community.

Curran said the dedication was an opportunity to offer prayers of thanksgiving for all of the individuals who worked so hard on making the former NCR World Headquarters into part of the University of Dayton. 

And he noted more is to come: the building will host its first major academic gathering this spring with an international conference sponsored by the religious studies department.

"We have a lot of hope for this building," said the Rev. Christopher Wittmann, S.M., director of campus ministry. "It is a great promise for the University of Dayton community and for the community of the Dayton area. It seems appropriate that we bless and rededicate the building in this season of hope."

The building already is beginning to fulfill that promise: some University of Dayton Research Institute offices have moved, graduate education, business and adult learning classes are also moving in and plans are underway for an alumni leadership center.

For more information, contact Cilla Shindell, executive director of news and communications, at 937-229-3257 or shindell@udayton.edu.

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