Thursday February 17, 2011

Honored for Service

A University of Dayton education professor who has written extensively about school superintendents has received a national award for his leadership in and contributions to the field of school administration.

The American Association of School Administrators named education leadership professor Theodore Kowalski as one of three recipients of its Distinguished Service Award. The award is given annually to retired AASA members who exhibit exemplary leadership throughout their careers and who have enhanced the profession of school administration through service, writings and other activities. Kowalski will receive his award Friday, Feb. 19, at the AASA national conference in Denver.

Kowalski has written or contributed to hundreds of articles and books, most recently as lead author on The American School Superintendent: 2010 Decennial Study — a national study published by the AASA on the roles and responsibilities of contemporary district superintendents.

The study revealed superintendents of America's public schools are more likely than they were 10 years ago to be women, to be older and to be drawing a pension while continuing to work full-time. Nearly half the superintendents participating in the study indicated they did not intend to remain in the position after 2014.

"Clearly, data reveal the role of school district superintendent has become increasingly complex and difficult over the past few decades," Kowalski said. "Current demographic data and political dynamics suggest turnover in the position may be substantial in the next five years. My research continues to focus on generating empirical evidence that could inform pivotal policy decisions regarding the preparation, licensing and practice of superintendents."

Kowalski is a former superintendent and college dean. He currently is the Kuntz Family Chair in Educational Administration, editor of the Journal of School Public Relations, and an editorial board member of the Educational Administration Quarterly and the Journal of Scholarship and Practice. His research focuses on school administration and governance, organizational behavior, education planning and change and institutional development.

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