Tuesday July 26, 2011

'A Valuable University'

An international electronics giant holds the University and School of Engineering in high regard for the professional development of its employees.

An international electronics giant holds the University of Dayton in high regard as an option for the professional development of its employees.

Sony has listed the University among its "10 valuable universities."

"Sony has a sabbatical program that funds some of their employees to attend U.S. universities for a year. The chosen Sony employees must choose among the list of '10 valuable universities,' which Sony considers as leading research in areas that benefit Sony," said Keigo Hirakawa, University of Dayton assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Hirakawa said the area of focus the University of Dayton offers is cameras. He recently returned from Sony's San Jose, Calif., site where he met with Sony officials to continue a research partnership with the University.

In his Intelligent Signal Systems Laboratory, Hirakawa works on improving digital cameras, remote sensing, and 3-D displays. He pioneered a sensor technology to improve color, resolution, and overall picture quality.  He has partnered with various companies to develop next generation digital cameras.

Hirakawa joined the University of Dayton from Harvard University last year. In 2007, he received the Docomo USA Labs Most Innovative Paper Award at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Conference on Image Processing. In 2008, Hirakawa delivered a keynote address at a Society for Imaging Science and Technology conference. He co-wrote to be released soon called Digital Camera Processing Pipeline. He has published in more than 40 peer-reviewed publications.

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