Thursday September 8, 2011

2011 Alumni Award Winners

Four alumni will be honored for their commitment to community and Marianist ideals.

Four University of Dayton alumni will be honored for their dedication to serve others on Saturday, Sept. 10, at the 1700 South Patterson building. The reception will begin at 6 p.m., followed by a dinner and ceremony at 7 p.m.

The University of Dayton's National Alumni Association is presenting the awards. Although the accomplishments of the winners are diverse, each graduate exemplifies the University's commitment to learn, lead and serve.

"We've been celebrating distinguished alumni since 1967, and each year we have a group of people trying to change the world," said Anita Brothers, the University's director of alumni outreach. "But each year they do it with the ideals of the University of Dayton, of servant leadership."

The 2011 University of Dayton Alumni Award winners are:

M. Michele Mariscalco, M.D. '77
Distinguished Alumnus Award for national or international achievements
An award-winning teacher and researcher, Michele Mariscalco is the associate dean for research at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Previously, she was a professor at the Baylor College of Medicine-Houston, where she worked to streamline the process of how a child with sickle cell disease was treated. Mariscalco received national attention for her efforts when her colleagues nominated her for the 2010 Barry A. Shapiro Memorial Award for Excellence in Critical Care Management. Watch a video about Mariscalco at

Daniel R. Fiehrer, D.D.S. '62
Christian Service Award for living out Marianist ideals in today's society
Daniel Fiehrer began his dentistry career as part of the Public Health Service in Browning, Mont. In 1972, he opened a practice in Helena, providing orthodontic treatment without a fee to Native American children. He continued this service through 2010, serving as many as three generations in a family. Fiehrer also commissioned 42 paintings of the Blackfoot Indian Medicine Lodge Sun Dance Ceremony and an award-winning documentary on the Blackfoot people. In 2002, Fiehrer was recognized by the head chief of the Blackfeet Tribe, who bestowed upon him the title of Chief Dan Holy Eagle.

Susann M. Brady-Kalnay '87
Special Achievement Award for distinction in professional or civic activities
Biology graduate Susann M. Brady-Kalnay is a member of the faculty of the department of molecular biology and microbiology at Case Western Reserve University. Her work includes examining the role of cell adhesion and how it is altered in cancerous cells. Brady-Kalnay’s groundbreaking research has been reported in leading cancer journals, including Cancer Research, which featured her in its Sept. 1 cover story this year.

James "Scott" Murphy '01
Special Service Award for volunteer service to the National Alumni Association
Scott Murphy, a mechanical engineering graduate, is the chief engineer for the flight test program of the X-51A at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Murphy is also the founder and chair of updayton, a volunteer project to help the region better attract and retain young talent. Murphy's commitment to the community was recognized when his name was included in the Dayton Business Journal list of the "Top 10 Most Influential People of 2010 in the Dayton Region."

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