Monday January 9, 2012

Battleground Ohio

Visit the University's Election 2012 site for information on faculty experts and election topics, especially on Ohio.

The early primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina are the headlines now, but the swing states will take center stage as the 2012 election season progresses.

Bookmark for a list of election sources with a particular focus on Ohio, a perennial battleground state.

The University of Dayton — Ohio's largest private university — has faculty experts on a variety of topics available for interviews on the 2012 election. Whether it's the economy, campaigns, Ohio voters, immigration, religion and politics or education policy, University of Dayton experts can provide research and commentary for 2012 election coverage.

For more information, contact Meagan Pant, assistant director of news and communications, at 937-229-3256 or

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