Wednesday January 25, 2012

Money Talks

Employers looking at the resumes of University of Dayton business students are sometimes surprised at their credentials.

Employers looking at the resumes of University of Dayton business students are sometimes surprised at their credentials.

Jeff Firestone is CEO of a $1.4 million company.

Kelsey Stroble has chatted with Warren Buffett.

Cate Camerota is trading real Euros in the spot currency market.

Joe Capka helps manage a $13 million portfolio of the University's endowment.

A University of Dayton business diploma comes with real-world experience as innovative programs challenge graduates with rigorous academics and opportunities to to put what they learn in the classroom into action in the marketplace.

"University of Dayton students come in with a broad understanding of best practices in business and a level of maturity that makes them very effective in applying academic concepts to real-world situations," said Tom Furey, president of Standard Register Industrial.

"The students are phenomenal. They hit the ground running, so their work is very efficient and a whole lot less expensive," he said. "The projects are also a great source of talent for recruiting."

Innovative programs across the business curriculum give University of Dayton students hands-on experience in solving real business problems, learning opportunities for working in diverse teams and the chance to network with business and corporate leaders. Consider: 

  • The Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership provides a multidisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship education, recognized by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top 15 programs in the nation for six straight years.
  • Hands-on learning is a hallmark of the entrepreneurship program. As sophomores, entrepreneur majors start and run real microbusinesses, with $5,000 in start-up funds.
  • One of the largest and fastest-growing student-run businesses in the country, Flyer Enterprises operates eight student-run businesses on campus including cafes, a convenience store and a new storage program. Flyer Enterprises racks up annual sales of approximately $1.4 million and employs more than 170 students.
  • The Hanley Trading Center teaches students the art and science of trading everything from commodities and derivatives to currency, energy, options and bonds. Equipped with some of the most sophisticated trading software used by professionals, the Hanley Center teaches students the skills needed for financial management positions. Its Flyer Forex Fund is the first in the country to trade real money in currency. 
  • One of only a handful in the nation, the new Center for Professional Selling is creating opportunities for students to develop essential communication and selling expertise — fundamental skills for any business professional.
  • Operations management seniors have developed a reputation for excellence over 25 years of consulting for businesses and corporations. Nearly 300 completed projects have resulted in documented savings of more than $25 million for the participating businesses.
  • Through the Davis Center for Portfolio Management, students analyze and invest millions of dollars of University endowment funds and coordinate the annual R.I.S.E. investment forum where they have rubbed shoulders with Nobel Laureates, Federal Reserve Bank officials and nationally renowned industry leaders.

Now in its 12th year, R.I.S.E. (Redefining Investment Strategy Education), has grown into one of the world's most prestigious student investment forums, emphasizing interactions between students and professionals. Since R.I.S.E. began in 2001, the forum has attracted nearly 13,000 participants from the financial industry and colleges and universities from around the globe.

Set for March 29–31, the forum opens with a full day of panelists from Wall Street, corporate America, the financial media and the international community to a session that's grown so big, it's held in a basketball arena.

Kathleen Hays, host of Bloomberg Radio's "The Hays Advantage," will return to moderate opening day Thursday, March 29, and broadcast her show live from the forum.

The forum is presented in association with the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary corporate responsibility initiative focused on the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. The compact brings companies together with U.N. agencies, labor and civil society to advance universal social and environmental principles. Other partners include CFA Institute, Beta Alpha Psi, Financial Services Forum and Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

Professionals and the general public are welcome to opening day, but students and faculty stay through noon, March 31, for specialized breakout sessions, workshops, networking, a career strategies forum and an optional portfolio competition.

For more information, visit or email or call 937-229-1444.

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