Tuesday January 17, 2012

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The University's online graduate degree programs in engineering and education are ranked among the best in the nation.

The University of Dayton's online graduate degree programs in engineering and education are ranked among the best in the nation, according to a recently released study from U.S. News & World Report.

The publication released its first-ever Top Online Education Program rankings this week, which evaluated bachelor's degree programs and graduate programs in business, engineering, nursing, education and computer information technology. Data was collected from for-profit and not-for-profit institutions.

The School of Engineering's online graduate programs ranked second in the nation in faculty credentials and training, 26th in student services and technology, and 35th in student engagement and accreditation. The School of Education and Allied Professions was 12th in its category for student engagement and accreditation, 29th in faculty credentials and training and 89th in student services and technology.

In the School of Engineering, the engineering management and engineering technology programs offer courses where classroom lessons are simultaneously broadcast on the Internet. Those classes are also recorded and posted online so students can access the information for review purposes or if they missed the original broadcast. Master's degrees in engineering management and management science can be earned totally via distance learning.

Close to 30 engineering courses are available in an online format.

The School of Education and Allied Professions has offered online courses since the 2000-01 academic year, and currently offers 89 courses in nine degree and licensure programs in an online format.

"It's very exciting for us as we continue to grow our online programs," said Gina Anderson, interim director for online learning in the School of Education and Allied Professions. "We want to provide quality educational opportunities to anyone, anywhere."

A teacher leadership program in the teacher education department is scheduled to start in summer 2012, and the school is working to expand its Catholic leadership program in the educational leadership department. The School has also started developing online training for early childhood education.

Full rankings can be found through the related link.

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