Tuesday March 20, 2012

Romney's Religion

CNN's Belief Blog published an opinion piece from political science lecturer Dan Birdsong about Mitt Romney's approach to religion and his campaign.

Political science lecturer Dan Birdsong has some advice for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on how to connect to voters: Play up the link between his faith and patriotism.

CNN published Birdsong's advice on its "Belief Blog" Tuesday, March 20, in a post called "My Take: How Romney could transcend Mormonism with civil religion".

Birdsong has a background in polling and policy research. He teaches courses on the presidency, campaigns and elections, and media. He is currently researching how people consume news in an era of multiple sources and new media and tracking presidential candidates' use of Twitter. Birdsong received his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati where he worked from 2005-09 at the Institute for Policy Research on the Ohio Poll, the Ohio Health Issues Poll and the Greater Cincinnati Survey.

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