Tuesday April 17, 2012

A State of Mind

A national association lauds the University for its Commitment to Community and making its Catholic identity an integral part of student life.

The national association for student services at Catholic universities has recognized the University of Dayton for its implementation of its Commitment to Community, a set of expectations for students, faculty and staff in building the intellectual, spiritual, religious, moral, physical and social dimensions of the University community.

The Association for Student Affairs at Catholic Colleges and Universities awarded the University its 2012 ASACCU Best Practices Award in the Dean of Students category. The award highlights programs in various student life areas that intentionally articulate Catholic identity as an integral part of a student life program, according to association officials. 

The association selected the programs on their originality, positive impact on student learning and a firm integration of Catholic identity and institutional mission. 

The University of Dayton Commitment to Community (C2C) acknowledges that the Catholic moral tradition guides behavior, expectations, policies and relationships at the University. C2C outlines key Catholic and Marianist principles and habits for community living. The principles are: community living as an essential learning experience, human dignity and the common good. The habits are: treat yourself with respect; treat others with respect; be honest, truthful and live with integrity; develop your faith life; integrate learning and living; take responsibility for self and community; and practice servant leadership.

"When students embrace and live by these principles and habits, they are more able to become persons of great character and integrity committed to building community in the world that is reflective of a Catholic and Marianist education," said Bill Fischer, University of Dayton vice president for student development. "Administrators, faculty, staff and students utilize this as a framework to engage in the hard work necessary to build the intellectual, spiritual, religious, moral, physical and social dimensions of the educational community."

University of Dayton campus ministry and student development staffs implemented the Commitment to Community with targeted education programs to build better understanding and acceptance of Catholic and Marianist principles for learning and living in community and key habits for practical living. The two offices also engaged the University community in dialogue to strengthen mutual expectations and establish opportunities for students from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds to enhance their leadership skills and participation in Catholic and Marianist traditions. 

The association will recognize the winners at its annual conference July 24-27 in South Bend, Ind.

For more information, contact Shawn Robinson, associate director of news and communications, at 937-229-3391 or srobinson@udayton.edu.