Friday April 13, 2012

Out in the Open

The School of Law is one of six schools to receive an A-plus transparency grade for providing comprehensive employment data from 'National Jurist.'

National Jurist magazine awarded the School of Law an A-plus transparency grade for providing comprehensive employment data for the class of 2010 on its website. The School of Law is one of only six law schools, of the 197 ABA-accredited institutions reviewed, to receive the highest mark.

The need and drive for accurate, transparent, and accessible employment data has been underscored by a number of developments in legal education. Within the past year, U.S. senators Barbara Boxer and Tom Coburn have encouraged the U.S. Department of Education's Inspector General to provide information about law school job placement, bar passage and loan debt because of concerns about the accuracy and transparency of information being provided to prospective law school students. Boxer also called on the American Bar Association to provide stronger oversight of reporting and better access to information. 

At least 20 lawsuits have been filed against law schools for alleged disingenuous recruiting practices, including disseminating information that could mislead prospective students about job prospects upon graduation.

"We are committed to providing accurate, thorough and useful information to both prospective and current students," said Tim Swensen, School of Law assistant dean and director of career services. "And while we're glad to receive a high mark from National Jurist, it's important to acknowledge the incredibly challenging market our recent graduates are confronting. To their great credit, they have succeeded at a remarkable level and have expended both great persistence and ingenuity to do so."

The School of Law's website has information on graduates' employment nine months after graduation, and if the job is full-time or part-time, whether they're employed in positions where bar admission is required, average salary and what sector they're employed in. The complete report is located at the related link.

"It's something that students will find throughout their three years of legal studies at Dayton Law," School of Law Dean Paul McGreal said. "The recognition of openness and transparency is one of the ways in which we carry out the Marianist philosophy of community."

Results for the 2011 class should be available in the coming months.

University of Dayton law students can take advantage of one-on-one counseling, informational programs and workshops, resume and cover letter review, library and electronic resources, job listings, interviewing opportunities and electronic job banks at the School of Law's Office of Career Services.

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