Thursday September 27, 2012

Thinking the Church

The Rev. Joseph Komonchak, a theologian and leading thinker on Vatican II, will receive the University's Marianist Award.

The University of Dayton will honor a prominent Catholic theologian who has contributed significantly to the understanding of the Second Vatican Council.

The University will grant the Rev. Joseph Komonchak its Marianist Award at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3, in Kennedy Union Ballroom. The ceremony will include an address from Komonchak, entitled, "Thinking the Church," to be followed by a reception. The event is free and open to the public.

"Father Komonchak's work is crucial to our understanding of the importance of the Second Vatican Council. As we recall the opening of the Council's first session 50 years ago this month, we will celebrate his work and continue to learn from him during his visit," said University of Dayton history professor Una Cadegan, chairperson of the Forum on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition Today, which coordinates the Marianist Award for the University.

A specialist in the history and theology of the Second Vatican Council, Komonchak is the editor of the English edition of the five-volume History of Vatican II. He is also a regular contributor to Commonweal magazine.

Komonchak began his service as a priest in 1963 and joined the faculty of Catholic University of America in 1977. He has taught courses on the Church, the Church's social teaching, modern and contemporary Catholic theology, and the history and theology of Vatican II.

Since 1986, the University of Dayton's Marianist Award has honored a Roman Catholic whose work has made a major contribution to the intellectual life.

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