Thursday October 18, 2012


The new Caldwell Street Apartments have already created a buzz on a campus that prides itself on the quality of its learning-living environment.

The Caldwell Street Apartments just opened in August on the University of Dayton's campus, but senior Erica Kleinman says there's already "a buzz" about the sprawling, modern townhouse-style development.

"Caldwell is in the middle of campus. When I look out my window, I see students from China and the U.S. all doing sports together. That's what UD is about. It's about inclusivity and community, and this space facilitates that," she told trustees, faculty, staff and students during a dedication and blessing ceremony on an unseasonably warm fall day Oct. 17.

Before Father Jim Fitz, S.M., walked through the spacious courtyard to bless the apartment buildings, he led the gathering in prayer.

"Inspired by the Lord's teaching and example, let us make this new home before all else a dwelling place of love," said Fitz, vice president for mission and rector.

The $25 million housing development along six acres of Brown and Caldwell streets houses approximately 400 upperclass students, including 60 from around the globe.

"I think I speak for the whole University of Dayton community when I say we're very proud of this magnificent development," President Dan Curran said. "This is about (blurring the line between) learning and living, and we do it better every year."

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