Thursday February 14, 2013

Turkson: Business is a Noble Calling

In 2012 Cardinal Peter Turkson, now mentioned as a possible successor to Pope Benedict XVI, gave a speech on the role of business in society.

Cardinal Peter Turkson, often mentioned as a successor to Pope Benedict XVI, called business "a noble pursuit," but warned that business leaders should avoid "the unilateral, indeed myopic, embrace of the profit motive," in a speech in June 2012, at the University of Dayton.

Speaking at the eighth annual International Conference on Catholic Social Thought, Turkson said: "Let me insist, business is a noble pursuit. At its best, and most true to its nature, business serves the common good. Business and entrepreneurship is a calling from God to be a co-creator in a responsible way."

An outspoken advocate of reform of the world's financial systems, Turkson said the business world requires mature leaders who steer economic enterprises in ways that benefit human life.

"Such leaders must not focus on any single dimension of business to the exclusion of others," he warned. "Such has been the failure with the unilateral, indeed myopic, embrace of the profit motive. The need for rebalancing in the economy, between profit on one hand and social and environmental concern on the other, is of paramount importance."

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