Monday March 18, 2013

Proactive Steps

Administrators will take a number of proactive steps in the wake of a St. Patrick's Day disturbance in the student neighborhood that led to an arrest of a non-UD student and property damage.

University of Dayton administrators will take a number of proactive steps in the wake of a St. Patrick's Day disturbance in the student neighborhood that led to one arrest of a non-UD student and property damage. No one was injured.

"There's no excuse for that type of behavior," said Bill Fischer, vice president for student development. "Most University of Dayton students celebrated responsibly, but this incident is prompting administrators to look at a number of proactive measures and develop an approach for next year. No option is off the table.  The behavior was inappropriate, counter to the University's mission and will not be accepted."

Fischer did not offer a timetable on the plan, but indicated that administrators would involve students in discussing the incident, recommending ways to curtail high-risk drinking and limiting the number of college and high school students who visit campus on St. Patrick's Day. Administrators have not made a decision about altering the academic calendar in the future to include a spring break over St. Patrick's Day.

One male was arrested by an Ohio Liquor Control agent for underage drinking and public intoxication following the disturbance that began at approximately 4:40 a.m. in a section of Kiefaber Street.  Five UD students also received University citations for not complying with police officers, who initially responded to a false fire alarm before the disturbance broke out.

Over the course of the weekend, a total of 24 non-University students were charged through the courts, mostly for underage drinking, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Seven of the 24 non-University students were physically arrested, according to Bruce Burt, director of public safety.

In addition, public safety officers cited 45 students through the University's student conduct system for violations ranging from underage possession of alcohol to disorderly behavior. Sanctions could include a warning, probation or suspension, according to Fischer. Fourteen of the 45 students also received court citations. 

Emily Kaylor, president of the Student Government Association, said student leaders want to work with administrators to develop a St. Patrick's Day plan.

"This (incident) isn't a reflection of the entire student body. Students are here to learn and live on campus, and we don't want this to overshadow the good things we do," she said.  "We really want to emphasize that we are good students who enjoy the Dayton community and we respect and value this community."

The University offered a number of non-alcohol events throughout the weekend, including cookouts, movies and bowling, that were well attended, according to Fischer.

"The majority of students had fun during the weekend," he said. "We commend them for celebrating responsibly and express our appreciation to University and area police officers who quickly broke up the disturbance."

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