Thursday March 7, 2013

Think Fast

The Research Institute will continue to provide the Air Force with rapid support in component failure analysis and corrosion assessments.

The University of Dayton Research Institute has been awarded a six-year, $45 million-ceiling Air Force Research contract to continue its Quick-Reaction Evaluation of Materials and Processes program.

The follow-on contract allows the Research Institute to continue to provide the Air Force with rapid support in the areas of component failure analysis, material and mechanical property evaluations, and corrosion assessments on a wide variety of systems, work it has been performing for more than 40 years.

The Research Institute will investigate materials and process-related issues in advanced aerospace systems as well as aging systems, from the development phase to production and operational phases. The program encompasses the areas of structural materials, electronic materials, corrosion control, protective coatings, and materials testing and evaluation.

The program also will facilitate the transition of emerging materials and process technologies to various Air Force and Department of Defense systems.

Work will be performed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as well as at the University.

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