Friday July 12, 2013

On Pace

When hundreds of students moved out of Founders Hall in May, 60 contractors moved in to complete a fast-track $10 million renovation.

Hundreds of students moved out of their rooms at Founders Hall Friday, May 3, after completing their final exams to conclude the 2012-13 academic year. 

The next day, 60 contractors moved in. Not to live, but to begin work on a $10 million fast-track renovation of the University’s oldest residence hall in time for fall semester move-in Aug. 16. The entire building was gutted, requiring an average of nine dumpsters daily to remove old material.

This week, the University and Danis Building Construction gave select visitors a glimpse of their progress. Rooms on all five floors of one side of the building are finished, with new furniture, carpet and heating and air conditioning units in place. Closet doors that functioned as walls were removed, and replaced with hooks for hanging clothes to give the room a more spacious appearance.

Renovations to the common bathrooms, undergoing their first major upgrade since the 400-bed residence hall opened in 1956, are nearly complete.

Projects remaining on the renovation list include the delivery of furniture to the rooms on the other side of the building, completion of the lobby and student lounges and the installation of a new elevator.

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