Friday December 13, 2013

Innovative Thinking

Local, regional and state leaders laud the GE partnership with the University as one that is innovative and will spur economic development.

Here's a sampling of reaction from national, state and regional officials about the opening of the $53 million Electrical Power Integrated Systems Center (EPISCenter) on the University of Dayton's campus. A coalition of state and local governments, as well as Dayton Public Schools, CityWide Development Corp. and a range of legal and financial professionals, helped to bring GE Aviation to Dayton. This fall, the EPISCenter was named the year's best economic development project in the state by the Ohio Economic Development Association. 

National Perspectives 

"The opening of the Electrical Power Integrated Systems Center on the campus of the University of Dayton is a testament to the type of innovative thinking that takes place in the Miami Valley. The creation of this partnership between UD and GE Aviation will allow students to gain hands-on experience while conducting cutting-edge research on the next generation of aircraft power systems. Together, they are contributing to the Ohio Aerospace Hub of Innovation that will make Ohio even more attractive to 21st century technology firms and the engineers, researchers and leaders who will keep Ohio at the forefront of cutting-edge technology development."

— U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown 

"The University of Dayton and GE Aviation EPISCenter collaboration showcases how beneficial public-private partnerships can be to our community. Providing students with an opportunity to learn side by side with GE engineers enhances their educational experience and provides a distinct advantage when looking for jobs after graduation. GE continues to be a strong economic partner to the state of Ohio, further displaying their commitment to the community with this investment at the University of Dayton."

 U.S. Representative Mike Turner 


State Perspectives 

"GE Aviation's new R&D center at UD is a model for the kind of collaboration between job creators and higher education that we know leads to greatness. We're working hard to foster this kind of collaboration across Ohio, and it's exciting to see the model at work in Dayton. I expect that we'll all soon see great things from this partnership, not just for GE and UD, but for all of Ohio."

 John R. Kasich, Governor of Ohio 

"GE continues to grow and further its commitment to the state of Ohio, thanks to projects like the EPISCenter. This new research and development facility will create good paying jobs for Ohioans, generate growth for the local economy and is further proof that Dayton is and always will be the birthplace of aviation."

 Mary Taylor, Lieutenant Governor of Ohio 

"This is exactly the kind of collaboration we need for the Dayton region and across the state to create jobs, boost R&D and to educate the next generation of engineers and scientists. We have great assets in Wright-Patt, the University of Dayton and GE. The new EPISCenter leverages them all, and our economy will be better for it."

 Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State 

"The economic future of the Dayton region depends on our ability to align higher education, research and innovation, and talent development with the demands of businesses. The GE EPISCenter is exactly the type of partnership that promises to bring all of these ingredients together in a way that will create lasting economic benefits and job creation opportunities for the region."

— Bill Beagle, State Senator and Member of Ohio Third Frontier Advisory Committee 

"The decision by a major global corporation such as GE to build its new state-of-the art GE EPISCenter for next-generation power systems in Dayton, Ohio, will help to shape the future of aerospace, locomotives and the automotive industry. This project is a perfect example of how collaborative efforts between higher education, private industry, the state of Ohio, regional, county and local entities can work together to achieve something that will have a global impact. The Dayton region has been successfully repositioning itself for the new economy that requires highly talented, available and a technically skilled workforce." 

 Erik Collins, Board Member, Ohio Economic Development Association


Regional Perspectives 

"The world's newest aviation research complex is opening in Dayton, the once and future center for aviation advancement. From interest to plan, then groundbreaking, to this reality in less than four years is an astonishing accomplishment for all parties involved. It will be a pleasure to see business leaders, researchers, students and visitors from around the world at work in a state-of-the-art research complex in the heart of our city."

 Gary Leitzell, Dayton Mayor

"GE's choice to locate in Dayton sends a message to business leaders — that Dayton has talent, resources and infrastructure necessary for major, successful business investments. I want to acknowledge the partners collaborating with the city of Dayton — the University of Dayton, the Dayton Development Coalition, Montgomery County, CityWide Development Corporation and, of course, GE Aviation — who together brought this remarkable corporate and research center to our city."

 Tim Riordan, Dayton City Manager 

"The GE EPISCenter will trigger job growth for the greater Dayton area, for both new and existing companies, that will be connected to what GE calls ‘the intellectual heart and soul' of its electrical power business. Montgomery County is incredibly proud of its investment in the GE EPISCenter through Economic Development/Government Equity funding. The GE EPISCenter affirms Dayton's place among the world's hot spots for scientific innovators and inventors."

 Dan Foley, Montgomery County Commission President 

"When the land became available, the University of Dayton seized the opportunity to pursue a bold vision with far-reaching impact on education and economic development in the Dayton region. The result has been a partnership with GE that has attracted the global giant's $50 million plus investment in a state-of-the art R&D center in Dayton. Projects like this will continue to transform our region into a global marketplace for research and development along with high-value, high-tech jobs."

 Jeff Hoagland, President and CEO, Dayton Development Coalition 


GE Aviation and University of Dayton Perspectives 

"GE's electrical power systems business is on track to almost double from 2009 to 2014. This is attributed to the demand for more power in next-generation aircraft and our ability to invest and bring advanced technologies that are flexible with our customers' requirements. The EPISCenter enables us to do just that, while growing a terrific pipeline of talent with the University of Dayton."

 David Joyce, President and CEO, GE Aviation

"We invest for the long term. Our horizon is years, decades. Part of the purpose of investing in this facility is, yes, to win business today, but it's also to be in a position to do some really wonderful things in aviation electric power 10 or 15 years from now. We hope to be a strong player in this segment, and we're very pleased to participate with UDRI and the Dayton community."

 Vic Bonneau, President, Electrical Power Systems, GE Aviation 

"The EPISCenter is a cornerstone in the continued revitalization of Dayton. It is a shining example of the potential of the Ohio Aerospace Hub. In the higher education landscape nationally, we believe this innovative partnership can be a model for the future."

 Daniel J. Curran, Ph.D., President, University of Dayton 

"It's not every day that a Fortune 10 company decides to build a $53 million research center on a University campus. The benefits are unbelievably broad and deep for both UD and GE. The new products that will come out of the research will enable GE Aviation to establish new business lines and hire new employees to make new products. Our School of Engineering is adding courses in electric power engineering to support this partnership. Our students will not only have classroom exposure but they will also have the chance to work side by side with GE engineers in the lab. That's a powerful combination."

 Mickey McCabe, Vice President for Research and Executive Director of the University of Dayton Research Institute

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